Best Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girls

Not sure what gifts and toys are best and safe for a 2-year-old girl? We got you covered. In this list, you’ll find the ultimate toy selection that will promote your kid’s development.

It is time for your little girl to transition from a baby to a toddler, and this means new gift ideas. Kids grow rapidly, and we have to keep up with their growing interests and skills. So, at two years, you need to get engaging toys for your daughter because they offer lots of options for manipulative play.

As your little one achieve various developmental milestones, it is essential to get toys that foster skills like motor skills, communication and language skills, social and personal skills as well as cognitive skills. And that’s why we have selected highly-ranked gifts for your 2-year old princess. Every play with these smart toys brings delight and amusement to a toddler. Check out our list below!

Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old Girls

  • Why we choose it: The accessory set is super cute, and your baby girl will learn to cook when so young. It also builds kids’ creativity, motor skills, social skills and critical thinking.
  • The type of gift: creativity toy.
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Step2 Sweet Baker's Kitchen

At two years, girls love to role play, and so is your little angel. This Sweet Baker’s Kitchen is beautiful and has all the fun and realism for her to appreciate. It has a real microwave, oven, and refrigerator doors for your baby girl to feel like a big person baker. The accessory set come with 30 cute pieces including utensils, pans and pots, play cupcakes, play ingredients, storage bins, servingware and a cell phone. There is also a doll seat reserved in case she wants a pal to join her while baking. It could be a teddy bear, doll, or unicorn.

  • It is realistic
  • Has awesome features
  • Great for role-playing
  • Promotes physical and motor skill development
  • Small parts are a choking hazard

  • Why we choose it: Safe to use both indoors and outdoors. It is a great place for your little girl to hide when she needs a little space to play or sleep.
  • The type of gift: Imagination toy
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Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent

This delightful pink princess tent will lighten up your little girl’s world as it gives her a place to play on her own. She could also invite her pals or family to watch the glowing stars in the dark. The castle play tent improves your little girl creativity and imagination while providing her with a comfy shelter. The package comes with durable sock-corded fiberglass poles and no accessories needed to assemble or fix the tent, so you’ll have an easy time. Your princess will have endless amusement with this gift!

  • Gives little girls some privacy
  • Develops imagination and creativity
  • The design is kid-friendly
  • Has stars and hearts that glow in the dark
  • Occupies a lot of space

  • Why we choose it: Allows girls to imagine freely and are great their development. The blocks also come in sweet and bright colors making the gift every girls favorite.
  • The type of gift: Creativity toy
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Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag 80 Pieces

Your baby girl will have endless creativity with this colorful, award-winning building blocks! By now, you must have noticed that at her age, she love using her toys to build her own creations, and that’s why we thought this imaginary toy would be a great gift. The 80 pieces of Mega blocks are soft and easy to hold for your girl’s little hands. They are also completely safe because they are PVC-free and BPA-free, so no harm when you see putting the blocks in her mouth.

  • Encourages fine motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes open-ended play
  • The blocks are BPA-free and PVC-free
  • Come in a variety of bright colors
  • They are easy to grip for little hands
  • The 80 pieces can mess the house

  • Why we choose it: The rainbow colors attract all girls. It is designed to make bath time for your girl fun as she can activate the light by simply dipping the mermaid into the water.
  • The type of gift: Fun toy

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Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

This charming Barbie Rainbow mermaid doll will allow your princess to make a real splash! All she needs to do is dip it into the water to see her mermaid tail glow with its bright lights that resemble colors of a rainbow. We assure you that your daughter will love it as it will give her a complete wow moment. The Barbie doll has a button on her necklace for activation before dipping her in the bathtub or pool. Since this doll cannot swim or stand-alone, your little one will enjoy holding her.

  • Has a sweet light-up feature that attracts all girls
  • It is easy to use by simply pressing the button and dipping it into the water
  • It is a cute gift for little girls
  • Makes bath time for your little one fun
  • The battery compartment may be filled with water, and the light-up may stop

  • Why we choose it: An engaging toy that prepares children for a bright future by introducing them to numbers, animals and colors.
  • The type of gift: Educational toy
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VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight Amazon Exclusive

With this cute VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, your daughter can shine her light anytime and anywhere, including the car and her bedroom. The toy prepares her for a bright future by introducing exciting things like songs, colors, animals, and numbers. What is required of her is to press the buttons on the flashlight! Each button introduces a different play mode; it can ask your child a question, teach her numbers or play music. It is unique and a real entertainer that will keep her engaged for hours while having fun.

  • It is portable for little ones to carry anywhere
  • The songs teach colors and counting
  • The light is not too bright
  • It is interactive and keeps kids engaged
  • The stickers may come off with time

  • Why we choose it: The toy was designed to enhance kids’ gross motor skills and promote balance, hand-eye coordination, and fitness while having lots of fun.
  • The type of gift: fun toy
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Little Tikes First Slide

All kids enjoy sliding, and your little girl will love this excellent gift too! Little Tikes First Slide is the right size for young kids. Its compact size will allow your baby girl to both inside and outside as long as it is placed on a soft surface. Storing the tikes is easy and convenient as it does not take a lot of space when folded. You’ll also not require assembly tools. It is fun, and kids can slide on it for hours.

  • Putting together the pieces is easy
  • It is sturdy and safe for kids
  • Your kid can enjoy playing indoors or outside
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • It is not large enough for more fun

  • Why we choose it: Every girl needs this glamorous kit to help her feel as beautiful as her mom! It also helps your little one develop essential skills while enjoying endless hours of fun.
  • The type of gift: Beauty toy
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My First Princess Make Up Kit

Does your princess love to watch you apply your makeup? My First Princess Make up Kit is the perfect gift to meet her dreams. It sparks your kid’s imagination by helping her unleash her creativity. This makeup kit includes eye shadow, lip gross, princess designed girls bag, two nail polish, three brushes, eyebrow pencil and two lipstick. It is fabulous and 100% fun, so today is the day to spoil your daughter, granddaughter or niece, and we guarantee you that she will love it.

  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is fun and fabulous
  • Helps develop essential skills like communication skills and fine motor skills
  • The lipstick is smooth for kids’ tender lips
  • Eye shadow and blush container are hard to open

  • Why we choose it: A fully functioning watch that allows kids to play four different interactive learning games while on their adventures.
  • The type of gift: Interactive toy

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VTech PAW Patrol Skye Learning Watch

This is not just a toy; it is a fully functional watch with a stopwatch, timer, clock, and alarm. Every time you ask your little one “what time is it?” you’ll notice her excitement as she checks the watch. It engages the kid and strengthens her problem-solving skills.  Some of the characters that come with the watch include a pilot pup, Skye, and a paw patrol. The watch also includes the real voice of Ryder and popular phrases that your princess can listen to.

  • A fantastic interactive learning toy
  • It is super cute
  • Introduces kids to problem-solving
  • The watch is fully functional
  • It is so huge

  • Why we choose it: A cute pink purse loaded with girly accessories and great for pretend and imaginative play. Also, it will help your kid develop imaginary cognitive skills.
  • The type of gift: Imaginative toy

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Click N' Play 8Piece Girls Pretend Play Purse

This soft, cute purse makes little girls feel like a grown-up just like they see their moms, aunties and grandma. Essentials included in this decorative purse are car keys, a smartphone, credit card, lipstick, hairbrush with an applicator. The accessories and all items included in the purse are safe for your princess. Our kids always have high expectations, and this is the ideal gift for little girls as it is precious, fun, and durable. Your girl will find this gift as her natural habitat, and we know it!

  • It is durable
  • Great for pretend imaginative play
  • Car keys and smartphone make real sounds and light
  • Little girls can carry accessories just like mommy
  • No batteries included

  • Why we choose it: Little girls can unleash their imaginative and creativity skills with this toy. They can also invite their friends over for fun time.
  • The type of gift: Interactive toy
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KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage

This adorable Chelsea Doll Cottage is an ideal present for a 2-years-old girl because at this age she has wild imaginations. It comes with cute 17 pieces of furniture that will excite your little girl. It is constructed in three levels, five rooms and a balcony which makes it look like a real house. The windows of the cottage can open and close. If your baby girl has pals to invite, the cottage is large enough to accommodate mini-dolls and multiple children.

  • The wood construction is sturdy
  • It comes with a detailed assembly manual
  • Encourages kids’ imagination skills
  • It is a perfect size for young kids
  • The dollhouse is not painted; it has stickers

  • Why we choose it: The seat is comfortable and interactive to keep your two-year-old daughter engaged while you do laundry and other chores.
  • The type of gift: playful toy
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Summer 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island Positioner

Your little girl will love this cute and engaging Booster and Activity Seat. It is comfortable, soft and keeps toddlers entertained with the toys for hours. The seat is multipurpose as its tray spins full 360 degrees with different activities each side to keep baby busy. If your baby girl is big, you can remove the soft seat by simply pulling the straps through the slots. The snack tray is also removable, and the six playful toys can be detached from the toy bar.

  • The seat is very cute
  • It is comfortable and soft
  • The snack tray is removable
  • Has a variety of activities to keep kids busy
  • It has gaps in between the tray

  • Why we choose it: Great learning toy to help kids through various development stages with appropriate phrases, songs and sounds.
  • The type of gift: Learning toy
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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

Let your baby girl expand her play with this cute Piggy Bank. It features learning content that grows with her while storing all her coins. The toy comes along with more than 40 sing-along songs, tunes and phrases to entertain your baby. It also includes ten colorful coins for her to drop into the piggy bank, which is a great way of encouraging motor skills. While having fun, she will learn different colors, Spanish, counting and many more things as she develops and grows.

  • A great learning tool as it introduces colors, counting, and Spanish
  • It encourages motor skills development
  • Has age-appropriate songs, phrases and sounds
  • It is fun to play
  • Does not have a volume control option

  • Why we choose it: The toy introduces children to essential preschool skills like counting and vocabularies while building social skills like taking turns, sharing, and patience.
  • The type of gift: Innovative toy
LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea

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This LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea is all your 2-year-old girl need to invite her pals for a tea party. The toy will help her become more interactive, imaginative and social. She will also learn to identify different colors and match colors as well as counting with this adorable rainbow tea party. The set comes with a cute light-up teapot in six distinct colors, sweet surprises in the teapot, and a colorful cake to encourage your daughter’s motor skills. This educational toy helps kids learn while having fun, and that’s what’s we love most about it.

  • A great educational toy
  • Boosts innovative and imaginative skills
  • The set’s colorful pieces are attractive
  • The teapot comes with sweet surprises
  • It is a little loud


  • Why we choose it: Encourages kids ‘natural curiosity and inspires exploration. This mat is also a great way to allow kids to become more imaginative and creative.
  • The type of gift: Educational toy

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KIZZYEA Water Doodle Mat

At the age of two, all little ones love to doodle on just any surface they wish, and we want that done on the house walls, seats and floors. No one wants a messed house while this incredible doodle mat can be the solution. It is portable and large enough for two kids to enjoy their painting time. The doodle mat is a fantastic educational toy that promotes a kid’s imagination and creativity skills while inspiring them to explore. Your kiddo will only require water to paint and don’t worry about wetting the floor as the back of the mat is water-resistant.

  • The material of the mat is durable
  • It enhances imagination and creativity
  • It is a great educational toy
  • It is reusable and doesn’t mess the house
  • The pen dries up quick

  • Why we choose it: A great gift that captivates little girls with its nice and bright lights. It is also adorable and super cute for a 2-year-old girl!
  • The type of gift: Fun toy
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Disney My First Minnie Plane

Disney My First Minnie Plane is a cute gift that features different lights and sounds depending on the pressed button. Your little angel can press the key button to fire up the plane. She can also press other buttons to hear Minnie’s phrases and braking noises. Don’t worry about the propeller because it is made of soft foam for the safety of your child. When not in use the wings are foldable for easier storage.  Other features about this plane that you might need to know to include the wheels, rear bumper, handle, and a multi-directional extra wheel at the front.

  • It is super cute to gift a girl
  • The wings can be folded for easier storage
  • It is safe for kids
  • It is easy to assemble
  • All the wheels don’t turn

  • Why we choose it: Helps children in building balance and confidence while learning to walk. It also has several interactive activities to keep your child engaged.
  • The type of gift: Interactive toy

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Radio Flyer Creativity Car

This cute interactive ride-on will encourage imaginative play while helping your baby girl develop both gross and fine motor skills. Your daughter can ride on it or push it as she learns to walk. If she has never tried this kind of walker, fret not because it is safe for new walkers. The creativity car provides endless amusement for your toddler girl with is 17 sensory activities.  The seat can flip open for her to take along with her favorite toys whenever she goes for adventure.  Other features that your kid will find interesting include the sliding beads, dashboard and the fun horn.

  • Great for imaginative play
  • Develops both fine and gross motor skills
  • Has under-seat storage for kids to carry their toys for adventures
  • Serves as a ride-on and walker
  • Lots of interactive activities
  • It is small

  • Why we choose it: A trustworthy and award-winning toy that provides giggles and smiles to kids. It also reduces screen time and promotes healthy development for your little girl.
  • The type of gift: Imaginative toy
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Play Circle by Battat

Now that your toddler girl is two years, she can join you for shopping with her cute Pink Shopping Day Grocery Cart. The toy passed the toddler test, so there is nothing to worry about. Its plastic construction is durable and sturdy, and the size is perfect for little hands. Along with the shopping cart, the package comes with a mineral bottle; pear juice can, milk bottle, a loaf of bread, and six eggs in a plastic carton, chicken, a banana and a chicken noodle soup can. However, these food items may vary.

  • The handles are adjustable and easy to hold for little hands
  • It encourages creativity by sorting shapes, colors, and deciding on the healthiest foods
  • Promotes fine motor skills
  • Great for pretend play
  • Needs supervision as small parts are a choking hazard

  • Why we choose it: The toy is small and compact enough for children to carry anywhere they wish as they take care of their own pet.
  • The type of gift: Interactive toy
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VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

If your little girl is a lover of animals, this VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier will impress her. She will have her own pet to carry around in its carrier. During her playtime, she can repeatedly open and close the door of the carrier while learning opposites and phrases. It has sliding letter beads to introduce kids to letters along with over 100 songs. Apart from the carrier and puppy, the set also comes with a bowl, comb, and bottle. We believe that this toy will be a great gift to prepare your daughter for caring for a real dog or pet in the future.

  • It teaches letters and songs
  • The puppy is soft-bodied
  • Has fun accessories
  • Great for interactive and imaginative play
  • Kids can misplace the pieces

  • Why we choose it: A perfect learning companion toy adored by children. It teaches them alphabets, words, and gross motor skills.
  • The type of gift: Learning toy
LeapFrog Alphapup

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Make learning easier and fun for your daughter with this smiley Alphapup. It will teach her words and letters and build her vocabulary and phonics skills. She can pull the dog around or even take it for a walk while singing its three learning songs. It has a button to press to introduce the music and doggie phrases. The floppy ears are so soft, making it a sweet pal and fun to pet. When your baby girl is walking it around, you’ll notice the Alphapup’s paw-shaped wheels that give it a cute swagger.

  • Makes learning fun and exciting
  • Comes with entertaining songs
  • It is a super cute toy
  • Kids can walk around with it
  • The pull string is too short

  • Why we choose it: The fun animations brings learning to life by introducing kids to the alphabet, pretend play, music and sound, animals and computer literacy.
  • The type of gift: Exploration toy
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LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Young ones like pretending to be like their mom and dad! That’s why this My Own Leaptop is a must-buy for your little girl so that she can feel like a big person. The toy features 26 fun animal animations and has four learning modes that includes messages, alphabet, music, and games. In the message mode, your little one can pretend to receive and send emails with scout. In the alphabet mode, she can hear letters with their sounds. In the music mode, she has up to 16 entertaining melodies and songs to choose from. And finally, in the games mode, she can have fun playing animal trivia.

  • It is customizable to make it personal
  • Can be used for both learning and playing
  • Great for pretend play
  • Promotes computer literacy
  • Has display issues

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