Top 10 Toy Tool Sets for Toddlers & Kids of 2024

Do you need a great gift for a toddler or even older child? Are you looking for something both educational and fun? The best toy tools make wonderful gifts, are highly beneficial, and lots of fun!

Toys that mimic real things adults use in daily life are some of the best toys. They encourage imagination and pretending that will not only be lots of fun for your child but also has a really positive impact on healthy development. It helps to build important connections in your child’s brain as well as helps prepare them for using things like real tools as they get older.

Ever since we got our first set of toy tools, our kids love to help fix things and I can see how they have benefited their desire and ability to problem solve. If a toy or anything around the house breaks, my son immediately says, “We can fix it!” and then grabs his tools ready to help!

Toy Tool Set Number of Pieces Age Recommendation Price
Black and Decker Junior Power Workbench Workshop 75 3+ $$$
Black and Decker Junior Mega Tool Set 42 3+ $$$
VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox 11 2-5 $$
Woby Musical Learning Tool Workbench 9 18 months+ $$
Kidzlane Kids Tool Set 20 3+ $$
STEAM Life Kids Tool Set 23 3+ $
Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It! Set 6 2+ $$
Black and Decker Junior Toy Tool Belt Set 14 3+ $$
Green Toys Pink Tool Set 15 2+ $
Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit 24 3-5 $

What are the benefits of toy tools?

Toy tools provide a really great opportunity for imaginative play. They allow your child to practice problem solving and learn about tools in general. They’re also great for encouraging critical thinking, which is very important. Toy tools are a good opportunity to teach your child how different things work. They also prepare your child for using real tools when they’re older and promote wonderful hand-eye coordination and motor skill development.

What age are toy tools best for?

Toy tools are great for a variety of ages. Most toy tool sets are recommended starting at 2-3 years of age. However, some are more appropriate for even younger children. They also continue to be great toys for much older children, too!

Choosing the Best Toy Tool Set

Like so many other children’s products, toy tools vary a lot from one set to another. There are quite a few different things you will want to think about and consider when choosing the best toy tools for your child. To make the decision a little easier, we’ll go over the most important considerations!

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Age of Child

First things first – when it comes to toys, the age and development of your child is always the most important factor. You don’t want to get a set of toy tools that is way too advanced or even dangerous for a younger child. Alternatively, you also don’t want to get something targeted at a child much younger than your child.

You want to choose the right toys for the right stage of development. Use both the recommendations of the manufacturer as well as your own common sense and knowledge of your specific child to choose what toy tool set is most appropriate for your child’s age and stage of development.

Number of Pieces

One of the big things that can vary quite a bit between different toy tools is the number of pieces included in a set. Some toy tool sets may only have a few pieces while some have more than 70 pieces. This is more about preference than anything.

Sets that have lots of pieces provide a lot of opportunity for varying play and keeping busy. However, they are also harder to keep track of and in some cases, may even be overwhelming for certain children. The amount of space you have will also help determine what size set of toy tools will be best for your child.


The design and style of the toy tools in different sets can also change a lot between different brands and sets. There are some options that are super realistic and some that are only vague representations of real-life tools.

Often times, the simpler tools are aimed more at younger children because they can be made easier to handle and play with. However, the realistic toy tools are highly beneficial because they help make the connection between toy tools and real toys. What you choose for design should be based off of personal preference and your child’s development.

Interactive Features

A huge thing to think about when looking at different toy tools is if you want interactive features or not. Some toy tools are highly interactive while some have no interactive features at all. There are benefits to both. Highly interactive toys provide a lot of entertainment and may keep some children’s interest much better for longer periods of time.

Interactive toy tools often have more educational benefits as well – beyond what you get with regular toy tools. A lot of times, they help teach things like colors, numbers, and shapes. Of course, simple, non-interactive toys are great too. They make your child work a little harder with their imagination, which is great for mental development and independence. They also require no batteries.

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Our Picks: Top 10 Toy Tool Set for kid


Black and Decker Junior Power Workbench Workshop – Best Toy Workbench

  • Interactive lights and sounds
  • Buildable tool caddy
  • Flexible work light
  • 75 pieces
  • Workbench design
  • Realistic toy tools and accessories

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Black and Decker is an incredible brand that makes real tools and they’ve expanded into the world of tools with Black and Deck Junior. You’ll find Black and Deck Junior tool sets in several places on our toy tools guide due to their popularity and high quality! This massive toy tool set is our pick for the best toy workbench!

This is the largest toy tool set on our entire list of recommendations. The workbench design adds a lot of value and really helps your child to feel grown up. There are dedicated places for all of your child’s toy tools and accessories. The table saw, and drill press are both built into the workbench. They mimic real working tools with sounds and actions! There is even a working, flexible work light!
Buildable Tool Caddy:
One of the coolest things about this toy workbench is that it includes all the pieces your child needs to build their very own toy tool caddy. It comes with faux wood pieces, bolts, screws, and all the tools needed to put them all together. Once assembled, your child can use the toy tool caddy to bring a few tools along with them. They can also disassemble it and build it again and again!

With a full workbench and so many tools and accessories, it is expected that this is a pricier toy tool set option. It is the most expensive of all the sets we reviewed. Although, for what you’re getting, you still get a great value from your purchase.

  • Workbench design gives your child the perfect place to play with their toy tools
  • Interactive lights and sounds enhance the overall play experience
  • 75 pieces provide plenty of tools and accessories to keep your child busy and entertained
  • Black and Decker design is familiar to help your child feel more grown up
  • Price is higher than most toy tools options

If you want a really great set of toy tools, this workbench makes an amazing option that your child will adore. It provides so much opportunity for fun and learning for your child!



Black and Decker Junior Mega Tool Set – Best Toy Tool Set

  • 42 pieces
  • Hard hat
  • Functional measuring tape
  • Interactive sounds and actions
  • Realistic tools

Check Pricing and Availability

Another fantastic option from Black and Decker that is a little simpler is the Black and Decker Junior Mega Tool Set. Now, this option isn’t as big as the Black and Decker Junior Workbench, but still has plenty of quality toy tools at a more affordable price. That’s why it’s our pick for the best toy tool set!

With over 40 different tools and accessories, this is one of the most valuable toy tool sets on the market. It includes all the basic tools you would think of like a hammer, screw driver, saws, pliers, and a wrench! It also has more unique things like a power drill and functional measuring tape! That still isn’t all, though. There are tons of accessories including hardware and faux wood places for your child to practice their tools on!
Toy Hard Hat:
Something that this set of toy tools has that most don’t include is a toy hard hat! This helps your child get into that role-playing mode and really immerse themselves in their pretend play! Plus, it provides a cool chance to teach about safety!

While it is a good bit cheaper than the Black and Decker Junior Workbench, this is still a relatively expensive option when compared to most of the toy tool sets that we have reviewed here.

  • 42 different pieces for plenty of play opportunity
  • Hard hat helps to teach important safety lessons
  • Realistic tools help children to learn about real tools and feel more grown-up
  • Interactive actions and sounds make for a more immersive play experience
  • More expensive than most toy tool sets

This is a really high-value, large toy tool set. It has Black and Decker’s high quality and will do wonders to help teach your child real-life skills through super fun play time!



VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox – Best Toy Power Tools

  • Highly interactive
  • Lights, sounds, actions, music
  • Working power drill
  • Double-sided instruction cards
  • Storage area

Check Pricing and Availability

Next up, from VTech, comes the best toy power tools! This awesome little set of toy tools is highly interactive and super realistic!

The highlight of this set of toy tools is undoubtedly the working power drill! The drill really works to install and remove screws from the electronic holes in the tray of the tool box. It also works to turn gears on the front of the tool box.

The many interactive sounds and actions make this a really immersive toy and help to entertain and educate your child! To make storage easy, the electronic tray even lifts up to reveal space for all the pieces of your child’s toy tool set!

Double-Sided Instruction Cards:
This toy tool box also comes with several double-sided instruction cards. You slide the cards over the electronic tray on the top of the toolbox to create different activities. The tool box gives your child instructions on how to play and provides verbal rewards when they do well! They can even learn things like colors and numbers this way!

While this set has the benefit of being highly interactive with lots of electronic features, sounds, and songs – it comes with a lot less in the way of actual tools and building accessories.

  • Highly interactive tool box keeps your child’s interest for longer
  • Educational in multiple aspects (teaches numbers and colors)
  • Working power drill teaches real-life skills
  • Large storage area underneath the electronic tray
  • Less actual tools than most sets

There is a lot of fun involved in this set that you don’t get with many other options. It is a great choice if you are looking for something that teaches about tools but also has other educational aspects!



Woby Musical Learning Tool Workbench – Best Toddler Tool Set

  • Drill press
  • Table saw
  • Interactive sounds and music
  • Shape sorter
  • Number ruler

Check Pricing and Availability

Here is a mini workbench toy tool set that is perfect for younger kiddos! That’s why we have named it our pick for the best toddler tool set!

This is another super interactive toy tool set. It has lights, sounds, music, and actions that all respond to your child! It also features a built-in table saw and drill press for your child to play with! The hammer and screw driver can be used on the table where they have included holes for included screws and nails! A cute ruler on the front can even help teach your child their numbers!
Shape Sorter:
Just like with the set of toy tools from VTech that we reviewed, this option provides more education than just that of basic tools. It also includes a super fun shape sorter perfect for little toddlers! This adds not only to the education aspect in terms of teaching shapes and even colors of the different shapes, but also benefits hadn-eye coordination and motor skills!

Of course, also just like the VTech toy tool set, this option does feature much less in the way of actual tools. The tools included are also less realistic, although they are designed perfect for little hands.

  • Small size is perfect for the youngest of tool enthusiasts
  • Bright colors and interactive sounds and actions keep kids interested
  • Shape sorter teaches basic shapes and colors
  • Sliding ruler on the front helps to teach numbers
  • Holes and included screws and nails give your child a good opportunity to practice with their toy tools
  • Fewer toy tools overall
  • Less realistic toy tools

This is a super cute toy tool set perfect for even the littlest of toddlers! It is made with bright colors, fun music, interactive sounds, and even extra educational features!



Kidzlane Kids Tool Set – Best Toy Tool Box

  • Functional measuring tape
  • Working power drill
  • Safety goggles
  • Included toy tool box

Realistic tools and accessories

Check Pricing and Availability

Here is a really cool, more realistic set of toy tools from Kidzlane. This set comes with 20 individual pieces including a nice toy tool box for your child to keep and transport all of their toy tools and accessories in! It is our pick for the best toy tool box.

These super realistic toy tools look almost identical to real tools. This helps children make the connection between toy tools and real tools which helps to set them up for success once they are old enough to start using real tools. Included screws and nuts give your child the opportunity to really practice their toy tools. They get even more benefit and fun from the working power drill!
Functional Tape Measure:
Kidzlane included a functional tape measure in this adorable set of realistic toy tools! This is really neat for a few reasons. First of all, it keeps with the theme of tools and building. It gives your child a chance to learn about math through measurement. Since it is actually functional, it will be more beneficial in educating your child on real-life measurement and math skills!

Most toy tool sets that include things like bolts and nuts also include somewhere for your child to actually install them. Unfortunately, this set includes the bolds and nuts with tools that work on them – but nothing to actually put them into.

  • Working power drill is lots of fun and educational
  • Included tool box provides good storage and transportation
  • Realistic tools help children make the connection to real tools and their functions
  • Eye goggles add more to the role-playing experience while also teaching safety
  • Nowhere to actually install bolts and nuts

This is definitely a really cool and realistic set of toy tools that comes with an awesome, realistic toy tool box as well! It has great value and is sure to be loved by your child!



STEAM Life Kids Tool Set – Best Cheap Toy Tools

  • 19 pieces
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Safety goggles
  • Working power drill
  • Tool box

Check Pricing and Availability

If you happen to be on a tighter budget or you just like to be frugal, this might be the perfect set of toy tools for you! This is a great budget set of toy tools from STEAM Life, which makes it our pick for the best cheap toy tools.

Considering the super low price, you really get an amazing value here. It comes with nearly 20 different pieces including both tools and accessories! It also comes with a super convenient tool box to provide the perfect storage place. All of the tools are designed to be very realistic in appearance. This helps your child make the connection between their toy tools and real tools. There are also several accessories included like the tool box, screws, nails, and even safety goggles!
Adjustable Wrench:
To add even more to the realistic aspect of these fun toy tools, this set comes with an adjustable wrench! This makes it much more like a real wrench and helps your child practice with both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

These aren’t terrible quality by any means, but they definitely aren’t as nice as a lot of the options we have reviewed. They will do okay for a while, but they won’t last forever – which is part of why they are so affordable in the first place.

  • Realistic toys help to make important connections
  • Tool box included for easy storage and transportation
  • Working drill and adjustable wrench make play more fun and immersive
  • Safety goggles add to the overall experience and teach safety
  • Not as durable as other options

This toy tool set might not be quite as durable as many options out there, but it is extremely affordable! If you need something cheap but still super high-value, this is the perfect toy tool set for you!



Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It! Set – Best First Toy Tool Set

  • Soft plastic
  • 6 pieces
  • Tool box
  • Drill makes sound
  • Easy-to-grip design

Check Pricing and Availability

Here is a perfect toy tool set for the littlest of builders. This New Sprouts Fix It! Set from Learning Resources is the best first toy tool set!

When it comes to getting an older baby or younger toddler a set of toy tools, you want to be more careful with what you choose. Obviously, you won’t want anything with small parts that could pose a choking hazard risk, but there is more to it than that. These toy tools are great as a first toy tool set because of several factors.

They are smaller than a lot of options, so they will fit really well in little hands. They are a bit simpler than other toy tools as well which makes them easier for little ones to use and understand. This set includes a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench, a saw, and a drill! While the drill doesn’t actually work like many options out there, it does make sounds when you squeeze it.

Soft Plastic Construction:
These toy tools are made of a soft plastic rather than the hard plastic or wood of most toy tools. This is another part of the reason that they are so great as a first toy tool set. They are very safe and easy for little children to handle without accidentally hurting themselves or others.

There are a lot less pieces and accessories with this set compared to other options even though it comes in around the middle of the list price-wise.

  • Chunky design is easy for little hands to grip
  • Small and simple to make it easy for younger children to understand and play
  • Bright colors are fun and stimulating
  • Drill makes realistic sounds when squeezed
  • Soft plastic is safer for younger toddlers and babies
  • Considerably less pieces than most toy tool sets

This adorable little tool set is great for a first toy tool set. It is soft, cute, and easy for little hands to use. The tool box adds great value even if there are less pieces overall.

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Black and Decker Junior Toy Tool Belt Set – Best Kids Tool Belt

  • Fabric toy tool belt
  • Realistic toys
  • Play wood pieces
  • Safety goggles

14 pieces

Check Pricing and Availability

Our final Black and Decker pick is this awesome toy tool belt set! In fact, there is so much to adore about this little set that we have named it the very best kids tool belt!

As usual from Black and Decker, this is a very high-quality toy tool set. It is made to be durable and long-lasting. It also looks super realistic to help your child recognize these as actual tools. The set comes with a variety of tools including a hammer, flat-head screwdriver, Philips-head screwdriver, and a couple of different types of wrenches.

The set also happens to come with a pair of safety goggles that adds to role-playing and helps teach safety. Of course, the best part of this is the actual toy tool belt! The toy tool belt is made of fabric and secures and adjusts around your child’s waist where they can carry all of their tools safely.

Play Wood Pieces:
Some of the accessories included with this toy tool belt set are cute little pieces of faux wood. This adds a lot of value to the set because it actually gives your child the opportunity to easily practice their toy tools as they have somewhere to install the nails and screws using their hammer and screwdriver!

The safety goggles and the toy tool belt in this set are specifically designed for kids 3 years and older. So, it might not be a good fit for younger toddlers.

  • Toy tool belt is the perfect way for your child to carry around their tools
  • Safety goggles add to the role-playing experience as well as teach safety
  • Realistic tools help make kids feel more grown up
  • Play wood provides somewhere for your child to practice using their screws, nails, and tools
  • Not ideal for younger toddlers

This is one of the smaller (and therefore more affordable) Black and Decker sets. It is very high-quality and provides good play opportunities. Your child is sure to love the fun and adorable toy tool belt that is included!



Green Toys Pink Tool Set – Best Pink Toy Tool Set

  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Labeled tools
  • Included tool box
  • Highly durable
  • 15 pieces
  • Dishwasher-safe

Check Pricing and Availability

Girls need toy tools too! So, why not build and fix things with feminine style? These super cute toys from Green Toys are our pick for the best pink toy tool set!

Of course, this pink toy tool set is not all pink. In fact, the tools themselves are actually several colors like purple and green! These go really cute with the pink tool box that is included! While parents of girls may be especially drawn to this cute set, it can definitely be a cool option for any child.

It comes with a tool box as well as plenty of tools and accessories. It even has small holes in the tool box where your child can use their hammer and screwdrivers to install the toy hardware! Each tool is also labeled with its name including the difference between a Phillips and flat-head screwdriver!

Recycled Plastic:
There is a reason that the name of this brand is Green Toys and that is that they use 100% recycled plastic in all of their toys! This entire toy tool set is made of recycled plastic. That means you can rest assured knowing that these toys are beneficial to the environment. It just so happens that it also makes for some really nice and durable toy tools that will last a very long time!

Some parents that have bought this set for their child have found that the nails aren’t quite the perfect size for the holes in the tool box. The nails won’t hammer all the way into the box and get caught part-way through.

  • More feminine colors appeal to a wider audience
  • 100% recycled plastic is better for the environment
  • Labeled tools help teach proper names to kids
  • Holes in the tool box provide an easy place to practice using the tools and hardware
  • Nails don’t hammer all the way into the holes in the tool box

This is one of my personal favorite toy tool sets. We will be getting this exact set for one of my nieces this Christmas and I already know she will love it! It is super high-quality yet still super affordable! It’s also so easy to clean and even great for the environment.



Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit – Best Wooden Toy Tools

  • Natural wood
  • Bright colors
  • 24 pieces
  • Tool box
  • Durable

Check Pricing and Availability

One more amazing toy tool set is this fantastic option from Mellissa & Doug! These toy tools are the only wooden option to make it onto our list and are, therefore, best wooden toy tools out there!

This is an extremely affordable set of toy tools, which is especially great since they are so high-quality coming from such a wonderful brand as Melissa & Doug. The are the perfect size for little hands and come with a mixture of natural wood and painted pieces in bright, stimulating colors. The set includes over 20 different pieces including a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench.

The included tool box features holes all along the sides for installing the different hardware pieces using the tools. This set also has more building pieces than almost any other set. It features pieces of wood with the appropriately sized holes that can easily be installed along the sides of the tool box with the screws and nails!

Natural Wood:
A lot of parents prefer more natural toys, and this is the perfect toy tool set for that! These are constructed of wood rather than plastic like most toy tools. They are simple and to-the-point without any fancy, high-tech features. While technology and electronic toys have their place, sometimes a plain and simple toy is the best way to help a child’s imagination really soar!

Due to the simple, wooden construction of these toy tools, they are much less realistic than any of the other options on the list.

  • Natural wood is simple, safe, and durable
  • Simple design allows kids imagination to really go to work
  • Tool box provides easy storage, transportation, and holes for nail and screw installation
  • Multiple tools and lots of accessories help promote hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • Toy tools are not as realistic as many options

This simple toy tool set is a great option for those more naturally minded parents. It is cute, beneficial, and even very affordable!

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Final Words on Toy Tools

There is no doubt that toy tools are an excellent toy to get any child. Boys and girls alike can benefit greatly from them and they are tons of fun! Make sure to just take the time to look into different features and the overall value of each set of toy tools you consider. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the best toy tools for your child right here on our top ten kids tool sets recommendations!


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