About BaBy Advisor

About Our Team

We are here to help mothers get over the anxieties of keeping their baby safe while at the same time allowing them to have the freedom of playing.

By giving pointers on which baby stuff to choose to the best quality and the safety precautions, most mothers who have used our advices end up with smiles on their faces all day long as they watch their babies play and grow.

Our mission is to provide up to date information on the latest baby technology in the market that is safe to use and that which will also help babies have fun and learn at the same time.


Why The Baby Advisor was created?

Mary is married to her high-school sweetheart. Together, they have 2 beautiful children. One of Mary’s biggest passions is writing, but she enjoys all things creative!

Becoming a parent is a huge, life-changing journey. Suddenly, you are responsible for the most important little people on the planet. I remember how many questions that immediately started flowing through my head when I got that first positive pregnancy test.

A huge part of my first pregnancy was spent researching and trying to figure out the best of everything for the new little person that I was soon to meet. Now, as a wife and mom of 2, my time is tighter than ever. I know what it’s like to just not have time to do the research.

Our Mission:

My hope is that through this site, you will find quick and easy answers to your questions when it comes to the best products for your little one.

We always make sure to put the required time and research into our guides to ensure the highest quality product recommendations and thoroughly answered questions. That way, you can find the products you need and save your precious time for your family!

Bethany Hayes:4 children’s mother! A mom who you can trust!

Alice S. Galipeau: Used to write for thebabyguides.com, Now as a Professional Journalist.

Our team researches on companies that produce baby stuff to ensure whatever toys or play yards we shall be recommending are the best quality and safe for your child and they also answer your questions regarding the products. We aim to be the first place mother will turn to when they are thinking of their babies’ welfare and happiness.

We assure you that the baby products we recommend are those which have been proven to be safe around the child. In addition, we also consider different ages of children and give advice on which toys, play pens, car seats, portable cribs and pack and play yards among other numerous toys and baby essentials that mothers should consider buying.

Baby Advisor
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