10 Best Baby Swings of 2024 – A Mom’s Guide and Reviews

Do you have trouble getting anything done when caring for your baby? Do you sometimes need a moment to yourself? Do you just need a break from holding your baby? We all struggle with these things.

Girl swinging As parents, we could all use an extra set of hands. The truth is most babies don’t like being put down, and really, who can blame them? After spending 9 months cozied up inside of you with every need met instantaneously, being put down in an empty, motionless, noiseless crib is probably uncomfortable and we had a great baby swing with my son and my daughter, but I’ve also tried them in some other swings at friend’s houses and realized that not all baby swings are made the same – at all.

There are so many varying features when it comes to baby swings. Some have toys built-in, some play music, some swing only one way, and some swing in different directions. Some baby swings even are able to also be used as a rocker, a bouncer, or even a high chair.

With so many options and important factors to consider, we wanted to take the guess work out of it for you. With lots of research and personal testing, we have found the top ten baby swings on the market today. Below, you will find all the info you need to make an informed decision and find the best baby swing for your baby!

Baby Swing Wall Outlet Plug Battery-Poweredt Swinging Motion 2-in-1 Functionality Price
4moms mamaRoo 4 (Editor’s Choice) Yes Yes Side to side No $$$$
Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing YesYes Side to side No $$$
Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing No Yes Front to back Yes (Bouncy Seat) $$
Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager Yes Yes Front to back Yes (High Chair) $$$
Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go No Yes Front to back No $$
Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing Yes Yes Front to back and side to side No $$
Graco DuetConnect LX Yes Yes Side to side Yes (Bouncy seat) $$$
Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom No Yes ront to back No $$
Graco DuetSoothe Yes Yes Front to back and side to side Yes (Baby rocker chair) $$$
Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy Jungle Nos Yes Front to back No $$


Compare & Review: Top 10 Baby Swings in 2024


4moms mamaRoo 4 – Best Compact Baby Swing

  • Machine-washable seat fabric
  • 5 unique motions
  • 5 speed options
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 4 built-in sounds
  • MP3 plug-in
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Birth to 25 pounds
  • AC adaptor
  • Built-in mobile with toys

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This is easily the most unique baby swing on the market today and was a no-brainer when creating our best home baby swing guide. It doesn’t work anything like traditional baby swings but can actually be much more effective because of that.

There are tons of great features to love about the mamaRoo 4 baby swing from 4moms, but we have chosen to give it the title of best compact baby swing because a compact baby swing is a major desire when it comes to baby swings and this one is not only compact, but incredible in so many other ways as well. This is actually the baby swing that we intend to get for our third baby!

The best compact baby swing does not consist of a seat swinging from supports. Instead, the seat is attached to a base that has a wide variety of motion. The seat can move up and down as well as side to side. This design does a great job at mimicking motions that parents use when calming their babies. Think about it – when you are carrying your fussy baby around, you don’t move them anything like what a traditional baby swing does.

The best compact baby swing actually has very smooth and consistent movements that are much more similar to the bouncing motions that parents tend to have when calming their babies. So, this swing will remind your baby of you a lot more than most of your other options. There are also five different patterns of these motions as well as 5 different speeds to choose from, so you can pick what works best for your baby.

Some parents may question the value of the best compact baby swing – but I honestly believe that it is worth the high price simply because it’s unique ability to copy our natural motions as parents while also taking up a relatively small amount of space in your home.The major downfall of the best compact baby swing is the price. It is way up there when it comes to baby swings. There is only one other option on our baby swing guide that is pricier than this baby swing and that option also converts into a high chair for your baby.

Bluetooth Enabled:
The future is now, and you can connect your phone to practically any type of product imaginable. The best compact baby swing is also Bluetooth enabled. You can connect your baby swing to your phone and use the innovative 4moms app to control your baby’s swing right from your phone. This allows you to play music on your baby’s swing, change the speed of the baby swing, or change the motion pattern of the swing all from your phone!
  • Bluetooth enabled baby swing allows you to control your baby’s swing from the convenience of your phone
  • Unique motion patterns do a great job at mimicking the natural motions you make when calming your baby
  • Relatively compact size takes up only a small amount of space in your home
  • Speed and motion options and adjustability let you customize the settings to what works best for your baby
  • Sleek, modern design looks great with your home décor
  • The best compact baby swing is also one of the most expensive baby swing options

The mamaRoo 4 from 4moms is certainly the best compact baby swing, but it is much more than that. It is extremely unique, modern, and innovative. It mimics the natural motion you make with your baby better than any other baby swing on the market. It can be pretty costly, but still has an incredible value considering all of its amazing features and modern design. You and your baby are sure to love this one-of-a-kind baby swing!



Graco Simple Sway – Best Overall Baby Swing

  • Removable head rest
  • Batteries or wall plug
  • 6 speed options
  • Swings side to side
  • 2 vibration settings
  • 5.5 to 30 pounds
  • 15 song and sound options
  • 5-point harness

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Here is our choice for the best overall baby swing! This amazing baby swing is – no surprise – from Graco. It is Graco’s Simple Sway baby swing and is only the first of three different Graco baby swings that you’ll find on the best baby swing for home. I, as well as tons of other parents, regularly put our trust in this wonderful company. Graco consistently delivers with high-quality products of great value.

The best overall baby swing swings from side to side and comes with an impressive 6 different speed options. This gives you the chance to easily customize the speed to whatever works best for your baby. We found for our kids that a higher speed did better at putting them to sleep and a slightly lower speed would help them sleep longer.

This Graco swing also has an extra feature that is pretty unique in baby swings. It vibrates the way that many baby bouncers do. There are two different vibration intensity settings to choose from. This can provide your baby with a little extra soothing in their baby swing.

Use Batteries or Plug it in:
Something really great about this option is that it can run on batteries or you can plug it into the wall. This is great because it gives you options. Plugging it into the wall is a great way to save money, but you can choose to use batteries whenever that is a more convenient option. We had a swing with my daughter that had both options and we often chose to use the batteries just to prevent my then 2-year-old from messing with the cord.

A common complaint that many parents seem to have about this swing option is that the vibration feature is only powered by batteries. You can choose to use the wall plug to power other aspects of the swing, but without batteries, you won’t have the choice of using the vibration feature.

  • Can be powered by wall outlet or batteries
  • 15 different sounds and songs allow you to easily find a good option to help keep your baby calm and relaxed
  • Soothing vibration settings add an extra level of comfort to your baby’s swing
  • 6 speed settings allow you a wide range of customization to best soothe your baby
  • At nearly half the price of the mamaRoo 4 baby swing, this option is affordable to most
  • The vibration feature can only be powered by batteries

The best overall baby swing is a wonderful choice of baby swing that is relatively inexpensive. It isn’t the cheapest baby swing option out there, but it has a very high value considering the amazing quality and special features. A large amount of customizable settings including sounds, speed, and vibration allow you to find the best way to comfort your baby.



Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat – Best Foldable Baby Swing

  • 2-in-1 baby swing and baby bouncy seat
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • Gentle vibrations
  • 5 swinging speeds
  • 5-point harness
  • Battery-powered
  • Toy bar with plush toy
  • Foldable

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Foldable baby swings have tons of worthwhile benefits that you may want to check out. We had one with my son but sold it before my daughter came. The swing we had for her was great in lots of ways, but it did take up a ton of space and was such a pain to transport. Our top pick for the best foldable baby swing is the ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat from Ingenuity. It’s an awesome bonus that the best foldable baby swing also happens to double as a baby bouncy seat! Talk about space-saving convenience!

I absolutely love the convenience factor of the best foldable baby swing. It doesn’t take up much space at all when compared to other baby swing options. Then, it gets even smaller as it easily collapses nearly flat for super easy travel and storage.

Speaking of space saving, since this is both a baby swing as well as a baby bouncy seat, you won’t need a separate baby bouncy seat. That’s a fantastic feature because it means one less baby item you’ll need! The best foldable swing easily switches between the swing and bouncer modes. In swing mode, enjoy 5 different swinging speeds, and in bouncer mode, soothe your baby with gentle vibrations.

Ultra-Quiet Motor:
Another feature to love about the best foldable baby swing is the super quite motor. I have used baby swings that aren’t so quiet, and they can get really annoying. Not to mention that they often disturb your baby during a snooze. With this baby swing, the only thing you will hear are the sweet melodies it plays! It actually has 8 different melodies in addition to 3 different relaxing nature sounds all built into it.

This particular baby is only battery-powered unfortunately. It has no power cord, so there is no way to plug it into the wall. The major downside here is that you will have to change the batteries out and you can end up in an unfortunate situation if the batteries run out when you don’t have any on hand.

  • The best foldable baby swing also doubles as a baby bouncy seat
  • Gentle vibrations or steady swinging motions help to soothe your baby in multiple ways
  • Plenty of soothing sound options to add an extra bit of comfort for your baby
  • The best foldable baby swing folds up nearly flat for super easy storage and travel
  • Super quiet motor won’t disturb your baby or you as your baby swings happily in the best foldable baby swing
  • The best foldable baby swing is battery-powered only, so it can’t be plugged into the wall

There really is a lot to love about the best foldable baby swing. There are some really great features like the toy bar, gentle vibrations, and soothing sounds. The fact that it doubles as a baby bouncy sweet is an amazing bonus that really amps up the value of this baby swing!



Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager – Best 2-in-1 Baby Swing

  • Insulated double wall tub
  • Bubbling whirlpool water jet
  • Built-in shower unit
  • Shower unit can be used separately in adult tub
  • Plush newborn insert
  • 0-24 months

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Here is our favorite for the best 2-in-1 baby swing! This is a 2-in-1 baby swing that is super unique because it is actually a baby swing AND a high chair!! What I really love about this option is that it really maximizes the amount of use you will be able to get out of your purchase.

One of the downsides with baby swings in general is that they really don’t last all that long. They are invaluable when you can use them, but you’re supposed to stop using them once your baby is able to sit up all by themselves, which can easily be as early as 6 months. With the best 2-in-1 baby swing, though, you can keep using the high chair function for a full 3 years!

Just like with the best compact baby swing from 4moms, the best 2-in-1 baby swing from Primo is Bluetooth compatible! This is such a cool option to have for your baby swing. It allows you to easily control the swing speed, swing timer, and music all from your phone. This way you don’t have to walk all the way up to the swing to mess with the controls and that definitely helps you avoid disturbing your baby.

A lot of times my daughter would be happy as can be in her swing, but I would walk up to start the music or change the speed and she would suddenly decide she was done and needed to get out. With the Bluetooth control, that isn’t something you have to worry about. Plus, it allows you to play music from your phone instead of only having the preset options

Responsive Cry Activation Mode:
Now here is an innovative feature for a baby swing. The best 2-in-1 baby swing has an option for you to turn on the responsive cry activation mode. What this does is activate the swing to begin swinging your baby if they start to cry! So, if you put your swing timer on for 30 minutes and then the swing goes off, but your baby is still happily snoozing in it, the swing will turn itself back on if your baby wakes up crying! This is a great way to possibly soothe your baby right back to sleep or at very least, help comfort them until you can get them out. This is another feature you can control right on your phone!

Of course, an incredible baby swing like the best 2-in-1 baby swing is not going to be cheap. This is the most expensive baby swing on our list by far and may not fall well in everyone’s budget. However, when you take into account that it doubles as a high chair that you can use for years to come AND has tons of innovative swing features, it is absolutely worth the cost – if you can swing it!

  • The best 2-in-1 baby swing doubles as a high chair allowing you to get a good 3 years of use out of your purchase
  • Bluetooth capability allows you to conveniently adjust the settings of your baby swing and play music straight from your phone
  • Multiple customizable settings including the tray position, footrest position, seat recline, and height allow you to customize the baby swing or high chair to your needed specifications easily
  • Responsive cry activation mode helps to instantly soothe your baby if he/she starts crying
  • The best 2 -in-1 baby swing is by far the most expensive option of those we reviewed

This is a high-end baby swing option. The fact that the best 2-in-1 baby swing also doubles as a high chair on top of its high-tech and innovative features does mean that this is a pricey option. However, it still has an incredible value and it really will be a great option for you if you are looking for a wonderful baby swing option that brings long-term value to the table!



Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go – Best Portable Baby Swing

  • One-hand fold and carry
  • Removable toy bar
  • 2 plush toys
  • Gender neutral design
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds built-in
  • 3 swing timer settings
  • Volume control
  • Battery-powered
  • 5 swing speeds

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Another amazing baby swing option from Ingenuity that I absolutely adore is the Swing ‘n Go! This is our pick for the best portable baby swing and it couldn’t get much easier than this when it comes to taking your baby’s swing along with you anywhere you may want to have it.

Not only is the best portable baby swing super portable though, it is also adorable and affective! This cute baby swing takes up a small footprint just like your sweet little one. It is made with a primarily grey design and accented with soft and sweet colors perfect for both your baby and your home décor! A plush elephant and owl hang from the removable toy bar further adding to the adorably sweet design of this baby swing.

Just like the previously listed Ingenuity baby swing, the best portable baby swing is only powered by batteries. There is no option to plug it in. Although, it is made with a special technology that claims to make the batteries last up to 3 times as long. Even with that special feature, it would certainly be more convenient if there was an option to power it with an AC cord instead of only the batteries.

Fold and Carry with One Hand:
The coolest portability feature of the best portable baby swing is how easy it is to fold up and transport or even just store. Some baby swings are more complicated and may be inconvenient to get folded up quickly and easily. Ingenuity tackled this problem head on and created this swing to be super easy to transport. With this baby swing, you can use just one hand to quickly and easily fold up the baby swing and carry it. It is relatively lightweight and has a very small footprint, so you can bring it along practically anywhere you go! I love this feature because it is great to bring along the swing to grandma’s or even friend’s houses.

The best portable baby swing is set to run on a timer. You can choose either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. This allows you to preserve the batteries a little better and prevents your baby from swinging for too long. Although, some parents do find it to be a nuisance that there is no option to just leave the baby swing on indefinitely.

  • 5 swing speeds and 3 timer settings allow you to customize your baby’s swing experience
  • 8 different soothing melodies and 3 different relaxing nature sounds help your baby to remain calm and even fall asleep
  • Your baby will stay extra cozy with the super soft seat pad and head rest
  • Seat pad and head rest are both conveniently machine-washable
  • You can easily and quickly fold and carry this option with only one hand
  • Only battery-powered, so you have no option to plug it into the wall
  • There is no option to leave the swing on indefinitely, so the swing will automatically shut itself off after your choice of timer setting

This swing may not have all the bells and whistles that some of the higher end baby swings have, but it can still be a wonderful baby swing option. If you are after the best portable baby swing, there is no doubt that this is the choice for you! It is incredibly simple to fold up and carry along with you. Its small footprint won’t take up very much space at all in your home or wherever else you decide to take it. Its simple, yet affective soothing features will help keep your baby content and happy!



Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing – Top Rated Baby Swing

  • Built-in mobile
  • Dome mirror
  • Side-to-side swinging
  • Front-to-back swinging
  • Comfy seat insert
  • 6 swing speeds
  • Power with batteries or AC cord
  • 16 different soothing sound options
  • Tethered plush toy
  • Volume control

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It is no surprise that Fisher-Price snagged the spot for the top rated baby swing! This is actually the swing that my sister had for her daughter and I have to say that it is one of my personal favorites! There are a lot of incredible benefits to this baby swing and all of the incredible reviews this baby swing has received are certainly well-deserved.

Appropriately named, the Snuggabunny Cradle ‘n Swing is incredibly soft and cozy for your baby. The seat itself is well-padded and soft, but it also has a lovely seat insert to further help your baby snuggle up in the baby swing. This insert helps to keep your baby comfortable and well-positioned within the top rated baby swing.

2 Different Swinging Motions:
My personal favorite feature of this baby swing is that you can switch between side-to-side swinging or front-to-back swinging. This has been an invaluable feature for my sister and it was also very helpful when I’ve used my sister’s swing for my daughter before. Sometimes, it seems like she wants to get out of the swing, but I simply switch the motion from front-to-back to side-to-side and she’s perfectly content again! The best part is that it is so easy to do! Simply hold down a button and turn the swing until it locks into its new position. You can even choose between your baby facing right, facing left, or facing center with this awesome feature of the top rated baby swing!

Another wonderful feature of the is the built-in mobile! Instead of just having a toy or 2 hanging from above the baby, there is an actual working mobile above your baby. The center of the mobile is a dome mirror that allows your little one to look at their adorable reflection! Then all around it, plush birds and leaves hang. When the mobile is on, the entire thing spins around softly while the birds and leaves move up and down like a carousel. This is a wonderful feature that helps to keep your baby busy and content!

There is one thing that I really don’t like at all about this swing, though, and a lot of other parents agree. It is huge. It is the largest swing that we reviewed and will take up a decent chunk of space in your home. It also does not fold up well and has to be dismantled to be properly put away. Even once you take it apart, it takes up a good amount of storage space and definitely won’t be easy to take along with you on-the-go.

  • Super soft seat insert helps keep baby comfortable and well-positioned in the top rated baby swing
  • 16 different soothing sound options give you plenty of choices to find what sound or song best calms your baby
  • The built-in mobile gives your baby some entertainment and helps encourage healthy development such as eye-tracking
  • Your baby can swing side-to-side or front-to-back in the top rated baby swing
  • You can choose to power the top rated baby swing with batteries or with the included AC cord
  • The top rated baby swing takes up a large amount of space for a baby swing

If you need to save space, the top rated baby swing may not be the most ideal option for you. However, if you are okay with giving up a little more room, this is one incredible baby swing that I strongly recommend. It is the top rated baby swing for a reason after all!



Graco DuetConnect LX – Best Baby Bouncer Swing

  • Baby swing mode
  • Baby bouncer mode
  • Soothing vibrations
  • 10 melodies
  • 5 nature sounds
  • Built-in mobile
  • 5-point harness
  • Strap covers
  • Roomy seat
  • 6 swing speeds

Check Pricing and Availability

Another wonderful 2-in-1 baby swing is our pick for the best baby bouncer swing. This baby swing comes from one of my all-time favorite baby product brands – Graco. Graco is a reliable brand of baby products that are always of the highest quality with innovative designs!

The 2-in-1 design of the best baby bouncer seat could not be more convenient. To switch from using the baby swing to using the baby bouncer, you simply pull the seat right off of the swing frame. The base of the baby bouncer is built right in. So, you simply pull the seat off and set it on the ground for use as a baby bouncer. I love that you can use the baby swing function in a room where you have more space, but then you can bring the baby bouncer seat along with you practically anywhere you want to take it.

Other soothing features of the best baby bouncer swing include soothing vibrations in the bouncer seat as well as multiple different soothing sounds. The best baby bouncer swing comes with 10 different soft melodies and 5 different nature sounds built into it for your baby to enjoy. There is also a small mobile that hangs above your baby when you are using the best baby bouncer swing in the baby swing mode. This will help to keep them entertained in their baby swing.

5-Point Harness:
Graco always does an incredible job at joining safety and comfort and that is exactly what they’ve done here with the best baby bouncer swing. The seat is roomy with soft comfy padding and features a 5-point harness. Some baby swings only use 3-point harnesses but this one has the 5-point to really ensure that your baby is safe and secure. To make sure it remains comfortable, the 5-point harness features soft strap covers as well.

The best baby bouncer swing takes up almost just as much room as the largest swing we reviewed. This can be a concern if you are trying to save more space in your home. However, there is an extra bit of portability since the baby bouncer seat is easily removed from the baby swing frame for transportation.

  • Ability to use the best baby bouncer swing as either a baby swing or baby bouncer brings incredible versatility and value to the product
  • Built-in mobile gives your baby something to look at and helps keep them content and busy
  • Multiple melodies, nature sounds, and swing speeds allow you to customize your baby’s swing experience
  • 5-point harness with padding helps keep your baby safe, comfortable, and secure
  • Takes up a good amount of space in your home

This is another baby swing option that does take up a good amount of space in your home. However, it also doubles as a baby bouncer seat. This means you won’t need a separate baby bouncer seat taking up space. This also really raises the value of the best baby bouncer swing, especially considering its relatively affordable price as a baby swing.



Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom – Best Cheap Baby Swing

  • TrueSpeed Technology
  • 6 different swing speeds
  • 6 different built-in melodies
  • Removable toy bar
  • 2 plush toys
  • Removable head rest
  • Folds up compact
  • Small footprint
  • Battery-powered

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A lot of times we think of cheap products as bad products, but that isn’t always the case. There are some really wonderful products out there that are able to remain affordable by keeping things simple and to the point. This lovely little baby swing certainly doesn’t have all the impressive features of some of the more expensive options, but it is still a worthwhile purchase that gets the job done. The best part is that it takes up a very small amount of room in your house and is absolutely adorable!

We didn’t have a ton of money with our first baby and this is actually the first baby swing I ever owned. I really didn’t expect much with it since it was so cheap, but I ended up being very impressed. It did a wonderful job at soothing my son and it really made a huge difference in my everyday life because I was actually able to get some things done and get some time to myself while my son enjoyed his swing.

One thing that I found very helpful in between swinging sessions is that the best cheap baby swing is incredibly simple to fold up and put away. We also didn’t have a lot of extra space with our first baby, so it was nice to not need to keep the swing out all the time.

TrueSpeed Technology:
While this swing tends to keep things pretty simple, this is one feature that is quite impressive for such a small and affordable baby swing. See, with a lot of baby swings, as the baby grows, the baby’s weight will affect the speed of the swing. So, even if you always use the same speed setting, the speed will still change as your baby gets heavier. With this swing, you can relax knowing that the speed will remain consistent regardless of how much your little one weighs. There are 6 different speed settings and you can rest assured knowing they will remain true even as your little one gets bigger.

The one thing I can say that I didn’t really love about the best cheap baby swing is the music that it plays. It only has 6 melodies which isn’t a whole lot compared to the other baby swings. The worst part, though, is that they are all relatively short and pretty similar to each other. In other words, while my son never seemed to have a problem with it, the sounds definitely got on my nerves sometimes.

  • Small footprint and foldable design of the best cheap baby swing are super convenient and space saving
  • TrueSpeed Technology keeps the 6 different swing speed options consistent even as your little one grows and becomes heavier
  • Extremely affordable price makes the best cheap baby swing a great choice for anyone of almost any budget
  • Soft and cozy seat padding and removable head rest make the best cheap baby swing super comfortable for your baby
  • Repetitive melodies may become annoying for adults
  • Battery-powered only, so you can not plug the best cheap baby swing into the wall

If you are after something with the latest and greatest technology, this won’t be the baby swing for you and there are lots of great options for that on our baby swing guide. However, if you are looking for something super affordable, yet still very useful and effective, the best cheap baby swing is the perfect choice – which is exactly why we included it!



Graco DuetSoothe – Best Baby Rocker Swing

  • Baby swing mode
  • Baby rocker chair mode
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Battery-powered option
  • AC cord option
  • Built-in mobile
  • Cozy seat pad
  • 5-point harness
  • 10 melodies
  • 5 nature songs
  • 2 vibration settings
  • Multiple seat recline options

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Here is another lovely baby swing option from Graco! This baby swing is our pick for the best baby rocker swing and is actually pretty similar to the best baby bouncer swing. The biggest difference, of course, is that rather than converting to a baby bouncer seat, this baby swing converts to a baby rocker chair!

The best baby rocker swing is super easy to use. Keep the seat securely attached when you want to use the best baby rocker swing in the baby swing mode. Then when you want to use the baby rocker chair mode, just pull the seat off of the swing frame with the convenient carrying handle. This also allows you to easily bring your baby along with you anywhere in the house! You can even use the soothing vibration feature in both the baby swing mode and the baby rocker chair mode to help calm your baby! My kids respond great to vibrations, so this is a favorite feature of mine!

3 Seating Positions:
Just like the top-rated baby swing, the best baby rocker swing also has 3 different seating positions. The swing is easily adjustable to allow your baby to face left, face right, or face center. When facing left or right, your baby can enjoy front-to-back swinging. Then when facing center, they will swing side-to-side. Having these options adds a lot of convenience to your baby swing and allows you more customization over your baby’s swing experience to ensure that they are as content as possible for as long as possible.

One huge bonus of the best baby rocker swing is that it does give you 2 different power options. You can plug the baby swing into the wall to save money or you can run off strictly battery power when it is more convenient.

Of course, this is another baby swing option that does take up a lot of space in your home. The fact that it doubles as a baby rocker chair helps with this, but it doesn’t change the fact that you will need a good open area to place this baby swing.

  • You can use the best baby rocker swing as either a baby swing or a baby rocker chair which really increases the overall value
  • Soothing vibrations and calming sounds help keep your baby happy and content
  • Multiple recline options and removable seat pad keep your baby as cozy as possible
  • You can save money by plugging the best baby rocker swing into the wall or you can use strictly battery power for convenience
  • Carrying handle makes it easy to remove and carry the baby rocker chair from the swing frame
  • The best baby rocker swing takes up a large amount of space in your home

This is the only baby rocker swing to make it onto our list and is definitely the best baby rocker swing out there! It has some really great convenience factors like the carrying handle, 3 seating positions, and 2-in-1 design. It is relatively affordable, especially considering the great value you get from getting 2 baby products in 1! Plus, it has a simple and attractive design that will accent the décor in your home well!



Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy Jungle – Best Newborn Swing

  • Removable toy bar
  • 6 melodies
  • 6 swing speeds
  • Small footprint
  • Foldable design
  • Multiple seat recline positions
  • Deep cozy seat
  • Removable head rest

Check Pricing and Availability

From Bright Starts comes our pick for the best newborn swing! I love how unique this particular baby swing is in that it has bright colors and a fun design! As you’ll notice, most of the baby swing options on the list are made with more neutral and muted color options. This is fine, and many might prefer it, but I adore that the best newborn swing is a little more whimsical. Plus, bright colors and bold patterns are a wonderful way to help stimulate your baby!

We chose this baby swing as the best newborn swing for our for a few reasons. First of all, it has a nice deep seat that helps to really cradle your newborn. It has nice padding around the base of the harness for increased comfort, especially for a sensitive newborn. It also features a lovely headrest that helps keep your tiny baby’s head in the right position for increased safety and comfort. Finally, we love that it has 2 different seat recline positions. This lets you lay the seat flatter for your little baby to ensure that their chin stays off their chest and they can breathe freely!

Removable Toy Bar:
To add a little more fun and entertainment for your baby, Bright Starts included a removable toy bar on the best newborn swing. This toy bar is super easy to take off when you want easier access to your baby or just want it out of the way. It adds an extra element to the best newborn swing to help keep your baby entertained and busy. It gives them something fun and colorful to look at and reach for. The toy bar includes both a plush sun toy and a plush elephant toy that your baby is sure to enjoy!
Multiple different soothing melodies and 6 different swing speeds help you set the swing to the perfect conditions for your specific baby. Everyone is different and what works for your baby may not work for another baby. For example, my son did best on a medium swing speed setting, but my daughter always stayed calmest on the highest swing speed setting.

One feature of the best newborn swing that is a bit unfortunate is the lack of volume control. There is only one volume setting and some parents consider it to be too loud.

  • Small footprint and foldable design help to save space and makes it easy to bring the best newborn swing on-the-go
  • Deep seat helps to more comfortably cradle even newborn babies
  • Removable head rest keeps your newborn’s head in a safe and comfortable position
  • Removable toy bar helps entertain baby without getting in the way
  • Single volume setting can be inconvenient and even annoying in some cases

The best newborn swing is not only our favorite newborn swing but is another great affordable baby swing option on the best baby swing list. It has some great, simple features to help keep your newborn baby comfortable without breaking the bank or taking up too much space!

Buying Guide to home baby swing

We all want the best for our families and especially for our sweet babies. I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby, I spent hours upon hours of my time researching every little aspect of pregnancy and parenthood that I could think of. I was fortunate enough to have the time to do that, but I’m also aware that many parents do not have the luxury of time. I know I don’t have that kind of free time available anymore.

To help you be able to get your research done quickly and make sure you can choose the best options for your baby and your family, we have done what we can to reduce the amount of time it takes you to find your own best baby swing. Not only did we put together our own carefully researched picks for the top ten baby swings, but we have also created this baby swing buying guide for your use!

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Baby Swing Safety Tips

Baby Swing Safety Tips

Safety is always of the upmost importance when it comes to our babies. I know you would do anything to make sure you are keeping those sweet babies safe. Baby swings can sometimes get a bad rep for not being safe. However, it is important to know that when used properly, baby swings are completely safe for your baby! There are lots of helpful baby swing tips out there, but I wanted to put an emphasis on how to easily keep your baby safe in the swing. Check out these simple baby swing safety tips below!

Limit Sleeping in the Baby Swing

Using your baby swing as a sleeping area for your baby can be very tempting. Babies tend to fall asleep easily and stay asleep longer in their swings. However, the AAP recommends against it. You shouldn’t let your baby sleep in their baby swing for very long whenever possible. The AAP recommends that if your baby falls asleep in a baby swing that you should move them to a safer sleeping space as soon as possible.

There can be unforeseen dangers involved in allowing a baby to sleep in their baby swing. Instead, use your swing as a way to calm and soothe your baby. It is perfectly okay if your baby falls asleep in the swing, but just don’t let them stay there for the duration of their nap or especially of their nighttime sleep.

Use the Flattest Recline for Young Babies

Even when your baby is awake in their swing, you will still want to take precautions to ensure that your baby’s airway remains open. When your baby is younger than 4 months, be sure to use the most reclined seating position available with your baby swing. A flatter recline is safer because it helps prevent your baby’s head from resting the wrong way and potentially closing off their airway.

Always Secure Your Baby in the Baby Swing

Baby swings have straps and buckles for a reason. You should always take advantage of these important safety features. Even if you think your baby is too small or young to roll out of fall out of the swing, you still need to buckle them in. You never know when a baby could suddenly learn to roll. It isn’t uncommon for even newborns to roll over on occasion. It is always safer to make sure your baby is secured into their swing.

Follow all Recommendations from the Manufacturer

Something very important to always remember with any baby product is to always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. They know their product inside and out and they have reasons for their recommendations even if they may not seem to matter to you. Make sure to carefully read your baby swing’s manual and follow all of the rules and recommendations in it.

Supervise Your Baby in the Baby Swing

This one is probably a given, but it is definitely still worth mentioning because it is so important. Even when your baby is properly secured and content in their baby swing, you will still need to supervise them. They may not need to be watched as closely as if they were on a blanket in the floor or something to that affect, but they certainly should not be left alone. You can certainly preform other tasks but keep your baby very close to you and keep a close eye on them even in the swing.


Baby Swing FAQ

Are baby swings safe?

Baby swings are certainly safe for your baby when you use them properly. This means that you must follow safety guidelines for using your baby swing and that you should follow all rules and recommendations from the manufacturer of your baby swing. As long as you do these things, there is no reason to worry about your baby’s safety when using your baby swing.

Are baby swings bad?

Baby swings sometime seem to get a bad reputation and some parents worry that they are bad for their baby. There have been incidents reported where babies were injured by their baby swings, but this is due to negligence or ignorance more than anything. Accidents can happen when parents or caregivers don’t know how to properly use their swing or simply choose not to follow safety guidelines. Take the time to go over baby swing safety guidelines and read your baby swing manual to avoid any potential dangers.

Are baby swings worth it?

While all babies are going to be different, the majority of babies seem to do very well in baby swings. Most parents would certainly agree that baby swings are worth having. I know that I don’t know how I would have held on to my sanity or gotten anything done with my daughter if we didn’t have a baby swing when she was an infant.

Are baby swings necessary?

Technically, a baby swing couldn’t be considered an absolute necessity. Many parents have managed without them in the past. However, they are so valuable that many parents today do consider them to be must-have baby items. I put them very near to the top of my list of things that I have to have for our next little one. Sometimes, you just need to be able to set your baby down for a while and baby swings are a wonderful and affective option that allow you to do just that.

Are baby swings safe to sleep in?

While many parents choose to let their babies sleep in baby swings, the safety of doing so is not guaranteed. Little ones can easily get into a potentially dangerous and even fatal position if left to sleep for long in a baby swing. If their neck bends just the wrong way, their airway can become blocked. For this reason, it is recommended to greatly limit how much your baby sleeps in their baby swing. Try to move your baby from the swing to a safer sleep environment as soon as possible once they have fallen asleep.

Do baby swings help with gas?

Baby swings do a lot to provide your baby with comfort. Because of that, baby swings can potentially help a little with nearly any discomfort that your baby may have. Due to the movement involved with baby swings, it certainly can be possible for them to aid your baby in relieving themselves from built-up gas.

Do you baby swings help with colic?

As previously stated, the comfort provided by baby swings has the possibility of helping to soothe almost any discomfort that your baby may be experiencing. The soft rocking motions do seem to help a lot of babies that suffer from colic. This is not by any means a cure, of course. The swing can simply help your baby feel better when they are hurting, uncomfortable, or upset.

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Final Words

A good baby swing can truly be an invaluable tool to have at your disposal as the parent of an infant. They made all the difference in the world for my babies. I also remember feeling clueless and overwhelmed when I first started looking at all of the different baby swings. My hope is that with the help of our best baby swing list and baby swing buying guide, that you will be able to more easily choose the perfect baby swing for your family!


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