How To Fold Up A Pack And Play

A pack and play is one of the best things that you can purchase for your baby. It provides a place for your baby to sleep wherever you are. You can put your baby down in your bedroom when they are still very small.

If you are sitting outside, your baby can nap right beside you. Pack and plays are especially useful when traveling. Your baby will always have a familiar place to sleep during your trip. While pack and plays are very convenient, they can be difficult to close up if you don’t know what you are doing. The pack and play how to fold up instructions are not that difficult. As long as you follow the directions carefully, you should be able to fold up your pack and play with ease.

  • Start by lifting the mattress out of the pack and play, and fold it along the creases. After you have removed the mattress, set it aside.
  • Find the red loop at the bottom of the pack and play. It will be located at the center of the floor. Pull up on the loop until the pack and play’s legs begin to fold.
  • On each of the long sides of the top rail, there is a button. Press them simultaneously.
  • While pressing the buttons, lift the pack and play off the ground about and inch or two. The sides will begin to fold down right in the middle on their own. You will need to push it the rest of the way down.
  • On the short sides, there are buttons as well. Press them simultaneously, and lift the pack and play and the sides will fold again in the middle.
  • Bring the legs together, so that the pack and play is closed up, in a rectangular shape.
  • Open the pack and play bag, and slide it inside.
  • Slide the mattress in the bag on top of the pack and play.
  • Using the drawstrings, close up the bag.

As long as you fold up your pack and play properly, it should fit into the bag quite easily. If you don’t properly fold the pack and play, it will not fit into the bag correctly.


Helpful Tips

There are a few tips that you should follow to keep your pack and play clean, and to make sure that it always fits into the bag.

  • Never try to fold up the mattress with a sheet or blanket still on it. The mattress will not fold up correctly, and it certainly will not fit into the bag.
  • If your baby was eating while sitting in the pack and play, you should make sure to wipe down the mattress and anywhere that your baby got food on the pack and play. If you allow it to remain on the crib, it will spoil and can attract bugs. Also, it will not be a sanitary place for your baby to sleep the next time you use it.
  • Don’t try to stuff your pack and play into the bag if it is not going in easily. If you are having trouble getting the crib into its bag, chances are that you didn’t fold it up properly. If this happens, you should unfold the pack and play and fold it again, paying close attention to the directions.
  • If the bag that your pack and play goes into gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine. If any other part of the pack and play gets dirty, it should be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water.
  • If you washed your mattress or your crib, you should let it dry fully before you fold it up. If you put it away when it is wet, it can develop a musty smell while it sits in the bag.
  • If the buttons on the pack and play are malfunctioning, do not try to put your baby in the crib. Even if you get the buttons to work and close up the pack and play, you can’t be sure that they won’t let go, folding your baby up in the crib.
  • If you are traveling with a pack and play on a plane, train, or on a boat, you should keep it in a duffle bag to be sure that the bag does not get torn or scuffed during your trip. If the bag is torn, it can make getting the pack and play into the bag very difficult.

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Having a pack and play for your baby is very convenient. After you purchase one, you should make sure that you can properly care for it, and that you know how to fold it up after use.


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