10 Best Baby Walker 2024 – A Mom’s Guide and Reviews

There can be some controversy over baby walkers.

Some people claim that they are dangerous or bad for development, but that is only if they are used improperly. When used properly, baby walkers are a great developmental aid that is completely safe! The most important thing is simply proper supervision of your baby when they are using their baby walker.

After doing a ton of research, we bring you our picks for the top ten baby walkers with detailed reviews! We hope you can find the best baby walker for your family and reap all the great benefits associated with baby walkers!

Best Baby Walker - Comparison & Review

Baby walkers are special products designed to help your baby walk. Baby walker seats help get little babies mobile before they can even stand. They can do wonders at helping keep your baby busy and happy. They help you get a moment of hands-free baby time when you need it. Alternatively, baby push walkers really help teach a baby to walk earlier and also help keep them busy and happy!

Baby Walker Type of Baby Walker Built-In Toys Collapsible LINK HERE
Joovy Spoon Walker Seat No Yes Check Price
Delta Children First Journey Walker 2-in-1 Yes Yes Check Price
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Push Yes No Check Price
Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker Seat Yes Yes Check Price
Adjustable Baby Walkers for Boys & Girls Side by side Yes Yes Check Price
Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker Side by side Yes Yes Check Price
Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker Inline No No Check Price
Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon Seat No No Check Price
Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker Push Yes Yes Check Price
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy Walker Push No No Check Price


Joovy Spoon Walker – Safest Baby Walker

  • Doubles as a high chair
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable tray insert
  • Machine-washable seat
  • Adjustable seat
  • Extra wide base
  • Oversized wheels
  • Foldable baby walker
  • BPA-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • PVC-free
  • Non-slip stair pads

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Joovy is a super fun and innovative brand of baby products. All of their baby products are super safe, cleverly designed, and high-quality. So, it wasn’t surprising that the Joovy Spoon Walker ended up being so high up on our list. It is our choice for safest baby walker! Although, safety is far from it’s only noteworthy feature!

There is a lot to love about the Joovy baby walker – starting with out incredibly safe they’ve made it. This Joovy walker has multiple amazing features that have put it in the position of safest baby walker. First off, it has a nice, wide base. This is important for a few reasons. The first reason is that it prevents the safest baby walker from getting baby too close to anything that could be potentially dangerous. Another cool thing about it is that it prevents your little one from accidentally getting their fingers pinched between the walker and things like the wall or a doorway.

The wide base isn’t the only great safety feature, though. The guard around the base of the baby walker helps to prevent little feet from stepping on hard or sharp objects, including toys. There is also the very important fact that the safest baby walker is made free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

Doubles as a High Chair:
One of our favorite features of the safest baby walker is the fact that it doubles as a high chair for your baby! It includes an extra-large tray that fits around your baby comfortably. With raised edges, this is the perfect place to put sippy cups, bottles, and snacks! One of the cool things about this is that as parents, we are always trying to find just an extra few minutes to get something done or even just have a moment to relax. Being able to allow your little one to be mobile while also having a snack can do wonders to give you a tiny bit of desperately needed spare time! As an added bonus, the tray has an insert attached to it that is super easy to remove and is even dishwasher safe!

So, you’re probably asking yourself what the catch is. We could only find two fairly minor things to not love about the safest baby walker. First off, as you might have guessed, the price is kind of up there. It is one of the more expensive options, but that is to be expected with such high-quality materials and an innovative design such as this one.

The only other thing that some people might not like is that this baby walker does not feature any built-in or included toys. However, the empty tray allows you to put different toys on the baby’s tray each time they play, which will help keep things interesting for them. It also allows you the choice of putting snacks and drinks on the tray when you prefer.

  • Special safety features help to protect baby from accidents like going down stairs or pinching fingers
  • Large tray is perfect for snacks, drinks, and/or toys
  • Removable tray insert is super convenient and easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Seat of the safest baby walker can be easily washed in the washer
  • High-quality materials are free of potentially dangerous substances such as BPA, PVC, and phthalates
  • Price is fairly high compared to most choices that we reviewed
  • No toys or activities built into the safest baby walker

There really is just so much to love about the Joovy Spoon Walker. It is a super unique and innovative baby walker with tons of benefits. As our choice for safest baby walker, we can guarantee this is a baby walker that will not only keep your baby safe but will be a hit with your whole family – especially your baby. It is high-quality, easy to use and clean, and even doubles as a high chair!



Delta Children First Journey Walker – Best Overall Baby Walker

  • Rocket ship theme
  • Sitting baby walker
  • Baby push walker
  • 2-in-1 baby walker
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Removable toy tray
  • Foldable
  • JPMA certified

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This Delta Baby Walker is a super impressive choice with amazing value to it. In fact, we have given it the title of best overall baby walker for its clever design, affordable price, and wonderful features!

This is actually a 2-in-1 baby walker! What that means is that it works as both a sitting baby walker and a baby push walker. So, you can use this with a baby from the time they can hold their head up well on their own all the way to the time when they are walking!  

Another really cool feature is that it has a tray just like the Joovy walker. Of course, the tray on the Delta walker is a good bit smaller. The benefit that the Delta walker has over the Joovy walker is that it also includes a toy tray. This is cool because your baby can use the toy tray when they are in the walker or when they aren’t in it. It also means that since you can remove it from the baby walker that you can give your baby snacks on their tray!

One really neat thing about this choice is that it is made to be very compact. It is relatively compact just when it is in use, but when you aren’t using it, you can make it even smaller. It easily folds up nearly flat. This makes it super easy to store or to transport.

The only real problem with the that we were able to find is that it won’t work well on carpet. Unfortunately, this does tend to be a common problem among baby walkers. However, if you just use it on non-carpeted floors, it really is the best!

  • JPMA certified walker gives peace of mind
  • Rocket ship theme is tons of fun and super cute
  • Affordable price combined with great features give incredible value
  • 2-in-1 design lets you use this as a sitting baby walker or a baby push walker
  • Machine-washable seat pad is super easy to clean
  • Removable toy tray gives your baby extra entertainment in or out of the walker
  • Small wheels do not work well on carpeted floors

We love the Delta walker for so many reasons. One of the best parts is that it is a 2-in-1 baby walker that works as both a sitting baby walker as well as a baby push walker! It is also super cute, fun, entertaining, and even compact!



VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Best Baby Push Walker

  • Removable activity panel
  • Lights and sounds
  • Shape sorter
  • Wide wheels
  • Baby push walker
  • Piano keys
  • Telephone toy
  • Spinning gears
  • 2 color choices

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From the well-loved company Vtech comes our pick for best baby push walker! This baby push walker is another great choice and is absolutely full of amazing features.

Our favorite thing about the best baby push walker is that it is highly educational! This doesn’t just help your baby learn to walk but has lots of different great educational features! The panel on the front of the best baby push walker is full of toys and activities for your baby. Each one helps to teach them different things. With the many different buttons and activities, the best baby push walker can teach your child animal sounds, colors, shapes, numbers, and more! There is plenty to keep them busy and happy!

The best baby push walker even features really nice wheels that are wider and smoother than most wheels of baby walkers. This helps it work well on a variety of floors – including carpet. Since this can be a problem with many baby walkers, it is a really nice feature that this one does work on carpet.

Removable Activity Panel:
A super cool feature of the best baby push walker is that the panel on the baby push walker is removable. You can easily take the activity panel off of the walker itself and place it on the floor or in your baby’s lap for them to play with. The activity panel has all sorts of fun things like a telephone, closing barn door, shape sorter and more!

The downfall with the best baby push walker is, of course, that it is only a baby push walker. So, it won’t work for young babies that are not yet able to stand up on their own. The activity panel could come off and work for little babies to play with, but they wouldn’t actually be able to use it as a walker until they are able to stand up.

  • Wide wheels make it easy to use the best baby push walker on most surfaces including carpet
  • Tons of activities and toys keep your baby entertained for a long time
  • Removable activity panel allows the toys to be used even without the baby walker
  • Features multiple educational aspects in addition to helping baby learn to walk
  • Not a suitable option for babies that are not yet able to stand up

If you are after something that will work from a very young age – before your baby can actually stand, this might not be the best choice for you. The toys on the activity panel could still be used even by younger babies, but a baby must be able to stand up to use this baby push walker as an actual walker. For babies that are standing, this is an excellent baby walker that is certainly well-worth the purchase – especially at its affordable price!



Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker – Best Baby Walker Activity Center

  • Foldable baby walker
  • Disney Minnie Mouse themed
  • Dual removable swing-open activity trays
  • Washable padded seat
  • 3 height adjustments
  • Sturdy wheels
  • 29 inches x 25.4 inches x 5 inches
  • Music and sounds

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Disney will always be a childhood favorite and this Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker is amazing. We chose this baby walker as our best baby walker activity center because of all of its cool features and activities to help keep baby happy and entertained!

This baby walker didn’t just make it into our recommendations because of its awesome activities and toys. Those are wonderful, but it is also super convenient and absolutely adorable! The Minnie Mouse theme is so much fun and is sure to have your little Mouseketeer head over heels for this baby walker! The familiar characters will make it that much more fun and comfortable for your baby – keeping them busy for even longer.

There are multiple great convenience factors that come in to play with the best baby walker activity center. First of all, the padded seat cover comes out easily and is machine-washable. Considering how messy babies tend to be, this is definitely a must-have feature for your baby walker! Another thing that adds convenience is how compact that the best baby walker activity center is able to get. It is super easy to fold this baby walker down to an almost flat position. This makes it easy to store and easy to transport.

Dual Removable Swing-Open Activity Trays:

The biggest reason that we chose this baby walker specifically as our favorite activity center option is because of its super awesome dual removable swing-open activity trays. There are two small activity trays on the baby walker that sit in front of your baby. Each one is able to swing open to reveal an empty tray underneath where more toys can be placed.

You can also just remove the activity trays altogether if you want to place some snacks or a drink on the tray for your baby to enjoy. The activity trays have tons of different toys. All of them are adorably Disney themed with Minnie Mouse being a focal point! Daisy and Minnie’s kitty cat Figaro are on the trays too! The sounds and music add even more fun and value to this baby walker!

This is a super cute baby walker for girls! However, most parents of baby boys probably won’t want this baby walker for their son. It is very girly covered in pink, bows, and girly characters.

  • Folds up compact for easy storage and easy transportation
  • Music and sounds help to stimulate and entertain your baby
  • Familiar Disney characters are fun and help your baby enjoy their baby walker
  • Swing-open activity trays add good versatility
  • Girly theme may not work well for most baby boys

If you are a big Disney fan and have a sweet baby girl, this is an incredible baby walker choice! It may not be a hit for most little boys, but it still has great value! The familiar characters, fun music, and cool toys made it an easy choice to include!



Adjustable Baby Walkers for Boys & Girls – Best Baby Walker Seat

  • Round design with 8 universal wheels
  • Simple plate, wipe clean
  • BPA free, heat resisting
  • Foldable baby walker
  • Folded Height: 4.3”
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • 4 height adjustments
  • Silent wheels, Multi-directional
  • Large wraparound tray
  • Comfortable design for baby.

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This choice is super high-quality and definitely well-worth the purchase! It has tons of great features on top of being made with amazing, high-quality materials. Not only that, but it also has a cool, modern look to it. This means it will even look great in your home!

The reason that we chose this particular baby walker as the best baby walker seat has a lot to do with comfort and usability. This baby walker has a high seat back that helps to provide optimal support and comfort for your baby. It also has a height adjustable seat that ensures that the seat is the right height for your child even as they grow. In fact, there are an impressive 4 different height adjustment settings to get the perfect fit every time. A wide base provides good stability. There are also round design 8 different multi-directional wheels that allow the baby walker to move freely and smoothly.

With such an amazing baby walker made with high-quality materials and a unique design, it does come at a price. This the most expensive baby walker on our list. It does cost a good bit more than most options, but it is still a great baby walker with amazing value to it.

Free Gifts:
This baby walker seat even comes with an added bonus! You get two free gifts with the purchase of the baby walker. One of the gifts is a set of special bumpers to put on furniture to help childproof your home. The second gift, which is really cool, is a fun toy! This baby walker doesn’t happen to have any built-in toys as it comes with a large, clean tray perfect for putting anything you want on it from toys of all sorts to snacks and drinks. So, the toy included as a bonus gift is really nice. One of the coolest things is that the toy has a suction cup bottom that allows you to easily secure the toy onto the tray for your baby to play with.
  • 8 multi-directional wheels allow the baby walker seat to move smoothly in any direction
  • 3 strong stainless steel legs
  • High quality eco-friendly original PP plastic, BPA free and 120℃ high temperature resistance
  • 4 different height adjustments allow you to easily fit the seat to your baby as they grow
  • Wide base is sturdy for added safety
  • Expedited Shipping for Free
  • Price is considerably higher than the other choices

If you are looking for a nice, high-end baby walker, this is the one for you. It is more expensive than the other options we’ve recommended, but definitely still worth the purchase! It has multiple awesome features and even comes with great bonus gifts!



Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker – Best 2-in-1 Baby Walker

  • Foldable baby walker
  • 2-in-1 baby walker
  • Baby push walker
  • Baby walker seat
  • Developmental toys
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Machine-washable seat pad

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Now here is an impressive baby walker. This is such an incredibly high-value baby walker. That is because it is the best 2-in-1 baby walker! In other words, this amazing baby walker is actually both a baby walker seat as well as a baby push walker!

This is another super great compact baby walker. The best 2-in-1 baby walker easily and quickly folds into a flat position. In this position, it is super easy to store the baby walker away. You can slide it under most couches or tuck it away in a closet or even the attic. You can also, of course, use this feature to make it easy to transport. It should very easily fit in your trunk or even just the floor of your vehicle when you want to bring it along with you!

So, obviously, the coolest part of the best 2-in-1 baby walker is that it is a 2-in-1 baby walker! You can choose to put the seat into the baby walker or leave it out. When the seat is in, you can easily lower your baby into the seat to help them be mobile well before they can actually stand up themselves. Alternatively, when they can stand, remove the seat and allow them to happily push their baby walker all around!

Fun Developmental Toys:
Unlike several other choices on guide, this baby walker definitely has great built-in toys! On the tray, right in front of where your baby sits, there are three toys attached to the best 2-in-1 baby walker! One toy is a spinning bead ball. Another one is a bar with rings on it that can be moved back and forth. The third toy is really cool! It is a flower toy that spins in a ratcheting motion. It also features a mirror and crinkle pedals. All of these things do a great job at stimulating your baby and helping to encourage proper development!

Unfortunately, like many baby walkers, the best 2-in-1 baby walker is one that doesn’t work great on carpet. The design of the wheels is excellent on most surfaces. However, they just don’t move as freely on carpeted flooring. So, this may not be the best choice for your family if you have a lot of carpeting in your home.

  • Height adjustable seat will fit your baby well for longer
  • Multiple developmental toys help keep your baby busy and promote good development
  • Compact folding position keeps the best 2-in-1 baby walker out of the way when not in use
  • 2-in1 capabilities allow you to get maximum amount of use out of the best 2-in-1 baby walker
  • Won’t work as well on carpeted flooring

The best 2-in-1 baby walker is an amazing choice of baby walker. If you really want a baby walker with incredible value that will last you a long time. This one can be used from the time your little one can hold up their own head all the way well into toddlerhood!



Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker – Best Cheap Baby Walker

  • Large, wide wheels
  • Lights and sounds
  • Baby push walker
  • Teaches ABCs and 123s
  • Rolling ball
  • Oversized switch
  • Zebra design

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If you are looking for a baby walker that is more budget-friendly, check out our choice for best cheap baby walker! This is an amazing baby push walker. It is shockingly affordable and still super fun and high-quality. This Fisher Price Baby Walker is a wonderful choice when it comes to baby push walkers.

One of our favorite things about the best cheap baby walker is that it is full of educational and developmental fun! This baby walker is designed to look like an adorable Zebra! The front of the Zebra is full of different educational toys and fun activities. It has an oversized switch, a rolling ball, and so much more! The large buttons make lights and sounds to help stimulate your baby and keep them busy! Plus, when your baby pushes the best cheap baby walker, it rewards them with more lights and sounds!

Of course, since this is a baby push walker opposed to a baby walker seat, it won’t work as a walker for smaller babies. If you want to be able to get your young baby mobile, this isn’t the best choice. However, for babies that are standing or learning to stand, it can really help encourage them to learn to walk too!

Works on Carpet:
A very noteworthy feature of the best cheap baby walker is that it works on carpeted flooring! Many baby walkers are unable to do this as smoothly or easily, but this is a great baby walker for carpet! The wide, smooth wheels help to keep the baby walker going smoothly even on thick carpeting.


  • Push walker design lets the best cheap baby walker work as a sitting toy or push toy
  • Lights and sounds help to stimulate your baby and keep them busy
  • Affordable price is almost unbeatable and will fit in nearly every budget
  • Includes features that help your baby to learn the alphabet as well as how to count
  • Will only work as an actual walker for babies that are able to stand on their own

You may think that the best cheap baby walker wouldn’t be all that special, but you’d be wrong. This incredible baby push walker is not just extremely affordable, but it is also filled with amazing features. It has wide wheels that work on carpet, is good for your baby developmentally, looks adorable, and provides tons of fun and entertainment to your little one – all in addition to helping your baby learn how to walk!



Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon – Best Wooden Baby Walker

  • Built-in storage
  • Removable wooden slat sides
  • Resist push feature
  • Natural wood body
  • Bumper to protect furniture
  • Baby push walker
  • Doubles as a toy box

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If you want a classic yet unique product, here you go! This amazing Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon is by far our choice of best wooden baby walker! It is such an incredibly high-quality product that is actually surprisingly affordable compared to some of the other options out there.

A lot of parents out there are starting to avoid plastic in their lives as much as possible. They prefer more natural products. This is a perfect example. It has a natural solid wood body. This isn’t just great because it is natural, but it also gives it an amazing classic look!

One issue that some people may have with this particular baby walker is that it is kind of bulky compared to most other options, especially other baby push walkers like this one. Some parents may prefer to keep this baby walker as an outdoor baby walker.

Resist Push Feature:
A favorite feature of the best wooden baby walker is definitely its resist push feature! Most baby push walkers have one problem in common and that is that they are actually too easy to push. They slide away from your baby before they can get a good grip or stand up all the way. This one has a slight amount of resistance built in. This really goes a long way in helping your baby to learn how to walk!

Another really nice feature of this is that it does work like a wagon in the sense that it provides storage. Your baby can bring along their favorite toys as they push their baby walker all around. The wooden slat sides are even removable if you prefer to take them out! You could even use this baby walker as a toy box.

  • Natural wooden body is safe, non-toxic, and even looks amazing
  • Resist push feature really helps your baby to learn how to walk faster than many baby walker options
  • Storage adds a lot of value to the purchase
  • Price is relatively affordable considering the large size and natural wood body
  • Bulky size may not work well in all homes

If you are trying to live a more natural lifestyle with your little one, you may prefer wooden toys. If that’s the case, the best wooden baby walker is definitely the choice for you!



Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker – Best Foldable Baby Walker

  • Removable toy station
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Lights, music, sounds
  • Foldable baby walker
  • Multiple color options
  • Empty tray under toy station
  • Rubber stoppers to prevent falls down stairs
  • Adjustable seat height
  • High seat back

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From Bright Starts comes our pick for best foldable baby walker! This amazing walker has tons of wonderful features and comes at an affordable price that will fit into most budgets! The best part is, of course, that it easily folds down compactly for storage and transport!

Besides the way it folds down easily, our favorite feature of the best foldable baby walker is its removable toy station! The toy station is full of great features! It has lights, music, and various sounds! We just love that the toy station can be used both in the best foldable baby walker as well as out of it.

Not only is it great that your baby can play with the toy station anywhere, but it is also great to sometimes take it out while they are in their baby walker seat. That is because removing it reveals an empty tray where they can have snacks or a sippy cup. Alternatively, you could place different toys here to keep things more interesting.

Unfortunately, this is yet another baby walker that will not work very well on carpeted flooring. It is actually because of the safety features that it won’t work well on the carpet. Rubber stoppers that prevent the baby walker from easily falling down stairs also stop it from easily moving across the carpet. So, if you do have a lot of carpeting in your home, you may want to consider a baby push walker instead.

Multiple Color Choices:
This baby walker is one of the few choices that has more than one color option. We like this because it adds versatility to the baby walker. You can choose it in a bright, fun pink theme for your baby girl if you prefer. You could also get it in green or red for boys or girls! Whatever your color preference is, this is an amazing baby walker and definitely the best foldable baby walker!
  • Removable toy station allows your child to play with the toys in the best foldable baby walker or on the floor
  • When toy station is removed, an empty tray appears on the best foldable baby walker, which is perfect for snacks or other toys
  • The best foldable baby walker folds down into a compact, almost flat position for easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable seat and high seat back gives your child an ideal fit even as they continue to grow
  • Will not move easily on carpeted flooring

There are lots of great things to love about the best foldable baby walker. If you are looking for something that can easily be made compact, this should certainly be a strong consideration for you! It also has other great features like the removable toy station, volume control, and high seat back!



Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy Walker – Best Baby Walker for Carpet

  • Wide, smooth wheels
  • Puppy theme
  • Developmental toys
  • Smart stages technology
  • Sounds and music
  • Interactive play
  • Blue or pink option
  • Teaches ABCs and 123s

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Another great choice from Fisher-Price is our pick for the best baby walker for carpet! Since so many baby walkers won’t work at all on carpet, we went on the search for a great option that will work on carpet! We found this amazing choice to be the perfect baby walker for carpet!

The reason that this baby walker works so well on carpet is mostly thanks to its extra-large, wide, smooth wheels. These smooth and wide wheels glide easily over almost all surfaces without getting caught or stuck. The baby can turn this baby walker, but the wheels are not multi-directional like many of the baby walker choices we reviewed. This is actually beneficial, though, as it helps prevent them from getting stuck on carpet.

Since this is a baby push walker, it won’t be able to be used to aid in walking until your baby is actually ready to stand on their own. It can make a great, fun developmental toy when your baby is still in the sitting position. However, we just wanted to make it clear that this is not going to get your very young baby mobile like baby walker seat options.

Smart Stages Technology:
This option also takes your baby’s developmental stage into consideration. This baby walker has 3 different smart stages. Each one focuses on aiding in development at different stages of development. As your baby grows older and smarter, you can switch from stage 1 to stage 2 and eventually stage 3! This isn’t only ideal for your baby’s development but really keeps things interesting as they grow.
  • Wide, smooth wheels help the walker glide easily over most surfaces including carpet
  • Multiple interactive toys and activities provide tons of fun for your baby
  • Helps to teach your baby basics like the alphabet and counting
  • 3 different stages encourage good development over time
  • Baby push walker will not get a very young baby mobile before they are able to stand on their own

If you have a lot of carpeting in your home, this can be a fantastic choice for you and your family! This amazing Fisher Price baby walker is full of great features. It works great on carpet, it has Smart Stages technology, and it is highly educational for your baby!

Best Baby Walker Buying Guide

Baby Walker buy guide

When it comes to choosing products for your baby, you can’t really be too picky. You don’t ever want to just choose the first product you find. Features and designs vary so much with baby products. This is definitely true of baby walkers. There are different types of baby walkers and each one is completely different. We wanted to help give you an idea of what to be on the lookout for when it comes to baby walkers so that you can affectively make the best choice for your family.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Walker

There are some specific things that you will want to consider before you buy any product. These things tend to vary with different types of products. So, we wanted to help you get an idea of the specific considerations you will want to have in mind before you buy a baby walker for your little one.

Types of Baby Walkers

There are two main types of baby walkers. The one that most people think of when they think baby walker is a baby walker seat. This is where you place your baby down into a seat that is surrounded by a base with wheels. It allows even very small and young babies to gain mobility. With this type of baby walker, they can “walk” well before they are even able to stand on their own.

The other type of baby walker is a baby push walker. This is a toy that your baby stands up behind and pushes. It helps to give them stability as they start learning how to walk. It encourages earlier walking. Most baby push walkers also have other fun features such as working as a fun sitting toy.

There is some debate about the safety of baby walker seats, but that is mostly due to past events. Now, thanks to changing standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they are now much safer than they were in the past. However, there is evidence that suggests baby push walkers are most beneficial for development. You need to think about what you most want out of your baby walker when deciding which type to choose.


Convenience is definitely a factor you will want to consider when choosing which baby walker is best for you. There are many different convenience factors that different baby walkers have. Do you want a machine-washable seat pad? Do you want the seat to be easily adjustable by height? Do you want wheels that glide easily even on carpet? Do you want a foldable baby walker? Think about these questions to help you know what to look for in a baby walker when it comes to convenience factors.


Here is a very important consideration when you are trying to choose a baby walker. There are lots of different features of different baby walkers. Many of them have built-in toys, but some don’t. You will need to decide if built-in toys are important to you and look at the types of toys to see how they will benefit development. Some baby walkers have empty trays allowing them to double as a high chair and this can be important to some.


The amount that the price of baby walkers varies can be somewhat shocking. The most expensive baby walker on our list is about 7 times the price of the least expensive option. With such a big difference in price, you’ll definitely want to consider the cost before choosing a baby walker. Think about the features that are most important to you and balance them with what your budget is.

Baby Walker FAQ

Are baby walkers safe?

Are baby walkers safe?

This is actually not an easy question to answer. Baby walkers are often considered dangerous, but the problem is not typically with the walkers themselves. Baby walkers, like most baby products, are only safe when used properly. That means that you follow all guidelines and recommendations of the manufacturer of your baby walker. This includes proper supervision while they are using their baby walker. As long as you do this, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Never leave your baby unsupervised in their baby walker.

Are baby walkers necessary?

For most baby products, the answer of necessity or not will be no. A baby walker isn’t needed, but it is very helpful. Some parents agree that once they’ve used their baby walker that, yes, it is necessary. They can come in very handy and most parents agree that they are certainly worthwhile.

What age can a baby use a walker?

The answer is different based on the babies For each baby is different to start standing and walking. I highly suggest you need to wait until the babies can attempt to “stand” on their foot and “stretch” their legs to hold themselves upright. So, When baby at 7 – 9 months at average in my views.

Can baby walkers be used on carpet?

Some baby walkers can be used on carpet and some can’t. Usually, baby push walkers are easier to use on carpet. Most sitting baby walkers will have trouble with carpet, but some are especially designed to work well on it.

Do baby walkers really delay walking?

As long as you give your baby ample opportunity to move freely without being in the baby walker, there is no reason to worry about it delaying walking. The only time this could become an issue is if your baby spends nearly all of their time in the baby walker.

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Final Words

While there has been some debate on the safety of baby walker seats specifically, new safety standards and proper use and supervision should prevent any problems that you may be worried about. If you are seriously concerned, you can certainly choose a baby push walker over a baby walker seat. Both types of baby walkers can be beneficial and are generally considered well-worth the purchase by the parents. We hope our top ten baby walker reviews and baby walker buying guide have helped you to more easily make your own decision on what is best for your little one!


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