10 Best Baby Bath Tubs of 2024 – A Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Baby Bath Tub Babies are very slippery and wiggly. Adding water and soap into the equation can really complicate things.

Bathing a baby in a regular bath tub can prove to be extremely difficult. You always have the option of using the sink, but not everyone has a sink that will work well for bathing babies. Plus, sinks can be very uncomfortable and cold for your baby.

The best solution when trying to figure out the best way to bathe your baby is to find the best baby bath tub! A great baby bath tub really makes a world of difference when figuring out how to bathe your baby. They are so much more convenient to use. They are just the right size for your baby and designed with their comfort and safety in mind.

Baby Bath Tub Age Range Freestanding Tub or Tub Insert Easy Storage Solution Price
Summer Infant Lil Luxuries
(Editor’s Choice)
0-24 months Freestanding tub No $$
Fisher Price Sling ‘n Seat Birth – 25 pounds Freestanding tub Yes – storage hook $$$
The First Years Warming Comfort 0-18 months Freestanding tub No $$
The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Birth – 25 pounds Freestanding tub No $$$
Blooming Bath Lotus 0-6 months Tub insert Yes – foldable $$$
Summer Infant Comfort Height Birth to 2 years Freestanding tub No $$
Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath 6-24 months Freestanding tub Yes – foldable $
Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather 0 months – sitting unassisted Tub insert Yes – foldable $$
Angelcare Baby Bath Support 0-6 months Tub insert Yes – storage hook $$
Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck 6-24 months Freestanding tub Yes – foldable $$$

Freestanding Tub VS Tub Insert

When it comes to your baby bath tub options, there are two main types of baby bath tubs for you to choose from. You can choose either a freestanding baby bath tub or a baby bath tub insert. To help make the choice a little easier for you, we will go over the pros and cons of each below.

Type of Baby Bath

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding baby bath tub is exactly what it sounds like. It is a small bath tub – generally plastic – that stands on its own. You can use this type of baby bath tub virtually anywhere as long as you have access to warm water. Some freestanding baby bath tubs have the option of being used in a sink or adult tub if you prefer to use them that way.

Freestanding baby bath tubs hold water on their own, so they are basically just like a regular bath tub – just much smaller. They do tend to take up a good bit more room than tub inserts and generally don’t have as good of storage options. However, there are options like inflatable freestanding baby bath tubs that are easy to store.

Benefits of Freestanding Tubs:

  • Holds water
  • Can be used independently
  • Can be used for longer
  • Can be used in most convenient location available

Tub Insert

A tub insert may be known as a baby bath seat, a baby bath support, or just a baby bath tub insert. Tub inserts are designed to be used within either the sink or an adult bath tub. Many have the option of being used interchangeably between the sink or adult bath tub. However, some are only able to be used in one or the other.

Tub inserts usually take up much less space than freestanding baby bath tubs and are only for younger babies. Most of time, these inserts work up until your baby is able to sit up on their own – around 6 months of age. They are generally a very comfortable and supportive choice for newborns compared to many freestanding tub options. You can’t use these to bathe your baby without the sink or adult bath tub like you can with freestanding tub options.

Benefits of Tub Inserts:

  • Comfortable and supportive for newborns
  • Take up less space
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport

Best Baby Bath Tub

Baby bath tubs come in many varieties. You can get freestanding baby bath tubs that work on their own or you can choose an option that works within your regular size bath tub or a sink. There are different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some have special features, and some are just a simple tub to hold water. Baby bath tubs each have their own unique age range as well.

To help you find the best baby bath tub for your family, we have done a ton of research including some exhaustive personal testing! After hours of research, reading reviews, talking to other parents, and my own tests, I’m happy to bring you the top ten baby bath tubs of this year! I hope this will cut down on the amount of work you have to put into research and allow you to find the best baby bath tub for your little sweetie!


Summer Infant Lil Luxuries – Best Baby Spa Tub

  • Insulated double wall tub
  • Bubbling whirlpool water jet
  • Built-in shower unit
  • Shower unit can be used separately in adult tub
  • Plush newborn insert
  • 0-24 months

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If you want to give your baby a little taste of luxury with their bath, check out the Summer Infant Lil Luxuries baby bath tub! This adorable and fun baby bath tub is our pick for the best baby spa tub on our list! It has tons of extra cool, very unique features to help your baby relax and enjoy their bath! I actually bought the best baby spa tub for my friend when she had her first baby and they loved it!

This is definitely a very high-end baby bath tub. It has lots of incredible features. One of the really cool things that is unique about the best baby spa tub is the motorized water jet! This neat feature creates a bubbling whirlpool affect in your baby bath tub. This helps to relax and calm your baby during their bath.

Another super cool feature that I adore about the best baby spa tub is that it has insulated double walls. This is wonderful because it reduces heat escaping and keeps your baby’s bath warmer longer. That way you and your little one can enjoy bath time for longer in this baby bath tub than in many other options.

Shower Unit:
Here is my absolute favorite thing about the best baby spa tub! It has a built-in shower unit! This is actually the exact reason that I’m considering getting this baby bath tub for our upcoming third baby. The shower unit sucks water from the best baby spa tub through tubing and gently sprays it out of the shower head attachment.

You can turn the shower head on and off as needed. This makes it so easy and convenient to rinse your baby off without having to keep dipping a cup in the water! It makes the process much easier, faster, and more efficient all the while keeping your baby more comfortable!

There are a couple of downfalls that you do need to consider before purchasing the best baby spa tub, though. First off, it is definitely the most expensive baby bath tub that we reviewed. Considering the unique special features, it still has great value, but it is pretty pricey for a baby bath tub.

The other thing that you won’t love about the best baby spa tub is that it is pretty difficult to properly clean. With the water jets, there are a lot of cracks and crevices and small pieces that need to be cleaned to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your baby within the tub.

  • Built-in shower unit makes it super easy to rinse your baby
  • Shower unit can be removed for use within an adult bath tub
  • Soothes baby with bubbling whirlpool water jet
  • Insulated double wall helps prevent heat from escaping allowing for a longer bath
  • Removable newborn insert really increases the comfort of the best baby
  • Most expensive option
  • Can be very difficult to clean properly

This won’t be the best option for everyone. It takes more work to clean and is definitely pricier than most of the options that we have reviewed. However, it has a ton of great unique features that make it the best baby spa tub. If you are willing to put a little extra work in to clean it, you and your baby will definitely really enjoy this awesome baby bath tub!



Fisher Price Sling ‘n Seat – Best Overall Baby Bath Tub

  • 4 different stages
  • Newborn sling
  • Sit-Me-Up support
  • Included whale rinse cup
  • Included gentle rinse bottle
  • Birth – 25 pounds
  • Storage hook
  • Built-in drain

This super versatile baby bath tub has won the title of best overall baby bath tub! It is a truly incredible baby bath tub with lots of amazing features and a high-quality design. The Fisher Price Sling ‘n Seat baby bath tub is one that can work great for almost anyone!

What really helped this baby bath tub stand out to me is its amazing versatility. It actually has 4 different stages to best accommodate your baby as they grow. You can start your newborn in the adorable soft mesh sling that stretches across the top of the bath tub. This will allow them to lay gently and comfortably within the water of the tub. As they grow, you can remove the sling and place the Sit-Me-Up support in the tub. They can lay with their back against the slanted part of the tub and the support will prevent them from slipping down.

Once they are starting to be able to sit up some, you can switch them to the deeper side of the tub where the Sit-Me-Up support will support them in the seated position. Finally, once they are ready to sit up well without the Sit-Me-Up support, you can remove it to reveal a roomy tub with plenty of play room!

Storage Hook:
I really appreciate that Fisher Price thought to include this simple yet extremely useful feature. The top of the bathtub has a small storage hook attached. This allows you to easily hang up the entire thing on your shower rod, your bathroom door, or wherever else you would like to put it up for space-saving storage and faster air-drying.

This bathtub option is not quite as expensive as the best baby spa tub, but it is definitely high up on guide in regard to the cost. So, if you are on a super tight budget, you may want to choose a more affordable option. However, you do get a lot out of this option, so if you are up for spending a little more, it can really be worth it overall.

  • 4 different stages help accommodate your baby as they grow and meet different developmental milestones
  • Comes with helpful extras like the whale scooper cup and gentle rinse bottle
  • Easily hangs up for drying and storage thanks to the included storage hook
  • Newborn sling makes this a very safe and comfortable option from birth
  • Sit-Me-Up support really helps new sitters to be safe and enjoy their bath more
  • One of the more expensive choices

This was an easy choice for our guide. It is a truly incredible, highly valuable baby bathtub option. It is definitely one of my favorite options. It gives you lots of versatility and adds a ton of comfort and convenience to your baby’s baths!



The First Years Warming Comfort – Best Sink Bath

  • 4 different stages
  • Infant insert
  • Use in the sink or on its own
  • Calming cascade water feature
  • Built-in drain
  • Non-slip pad
  • Contoured design

A lot of parents like to bathe their baby in the sink. This makes complete sense because the water is readily available, and the height is super convenient. However, bathing your baby in just the empty sink can be difficult, very uncomfortable for your baby, and in some cases dangerous. A much better option is to use a good sink bath, which is simply a baby bath that you use in the sink! Our pick for the best sink bath is The First Years Warming Comfort baby bath tub!

This is another option with lots of versatility! Just like the best overall baby bath tub, this also has 4 different stages to better accommodate your baby as they grow. The best sink bath comes with the larger main baby bath tub as well as an insert for newborns and younger babies.

The first stage is using the newborn insert at a gentle recline perfect for newborns. This stage can be used with just the insert in the sink or with the insert in the larger baby bath tub section which can be used in or out of the sink. The second stage is using the insert at a slightly more elevated recline within the main baby bath tub section.

Once your baby is ready to use the best sink bath without the insert, you can use the third stage where they lay back at a more upright incline. Finally, switch your growing baby to the final stage which is sitting up on their own in the opposite side of the best sink bath where they can splash and play freely!

The manufacturer of the best baby sink bath did not give it a maximum weight limit or age limit. However, through research and reading about the experience of others, it would seem that most babies will be able to use this baby bath tub from birth until around 18 months.

Calming Cascade:
The reason that they have named the best sink bath, “Warming Comfort” is because of the calming cascade water feature. This lovely feature is a great way to comfort your little one during their bath and ensure they stay nice and warm for the duration of their bath. The way it works is that the insert has a small trough on the top edge of it. This is where you can direct your sink faucet to flow during your baby’s bath.

As the trough fills with water, it gently spills out and provides a constant cascade of water for your baby to enjoy. Just make sure that you are very careful with this feature and constantly monitor the temperature of the water coming from the sink. You wouldn’t want it to get too hot or too cold for your baby.

The one thing that really just isn’t ideal about the best sink bath is that the newborn insert is made of hard plastic. It is the right size and contoured to fit newborns and young babies well, but it just isn’t going to be as comfy or supportive compared to the plush insert and sling insert options that many other choices have.

  • 4 different stages help to best accommodate your baby through different stages of growth
  • Calming cascade water feature helps to calm your baby while also keeping them warm
  • The best sink bath can be used inside or outside of the sink
  • Built-in drain allows you to easily empty the water from the best sink bath
  • Hard plastic insert is not as comfortable or supportive as sling inserts and plush inserts

The best sink bath is definitely an incredible choice of baby bath tub. There are lots of cool features like the calming cascade water feature! If you are after a great, affordable choice of baby sink bath, you definitely want to pick this one!



The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe – Best Newborn Bath Tub

  • Soft mesh newborn insert
  • Ergonomically designed for sitting or laying
  • Built-in drain hole
  • Cute whale theme
  • Soft head rest
  • Machine-washable insert
  • Birth – 25 pounds
  • Mildew-resistant pads

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe is another incredible The First Years baby bath tub option. There are plenty of great choices that will work well for newborns, but this baby bath tub in particular has won the title of the best newborn bath tub!

There are a few reasons that this is the best newborn bath tub. First off, it features a super comfy newborn insert. This newborn insert is a sling-style insert made of soft mesh. The mesh insert does an absolutely incredible job at supporting your baby in a safe and comfortable way that makes bath time more enjoyable for your baby and easier for you.

Another really beneficial thing about the best newborn bath tub, though, is that it is nice and deep for a baby bath tub. This means that even when using the mesh newborn insert, you will be able to have your baby resting in a decent amount of water to help them stay warm and comfortable for longer.

Ergonomic Design:
While this is the best newborn bath tub, it isn’t just for newborns! This awesome baby bath tub actually goes all the way up to 25 pounds, so it is great for your baby from birth into the toddler years! Once your baby outgrows the mesh sling, they can lay or sit comfortably and safely in the ergodically designed baby bath tub.

Unfortunately, this isn’t such a great baby bath tub for anyone trying to save space. It is a pretty large baby bath tub compared to most. Additionally, there is no way to make it more compact and it does not even have any way to hang it up like with a storage hook that several other options feature.

  • Newborn insert is very soft and supportive to keep newborn babies comfortable and safe during bath time
  • Tub is ergonomically designed to allow for your baby to safely and comfortably sit or lay in the best newborn bath tub
  • Newborn insert can be easily washed in the washing machine
  • Large size and versatile design allow the best newborn bath tub to be used from birth into the toddler years
  • Large size of the best newborn bath tub takes up a lot of storage space and doesn’t allow good storage options like hanging or folding

This is a relatively simple baby bath tub that is super affordable. Its versatile design allows it to be the best newborn bath tub as well as remain a wonderful option for older babies and even toddlers. It does take up a good bit of space, but makes up for that in comfort, design, and price.



Blooming Bath Lotus – Best Baby Bath Tub for Travel

  • Soft plush pedals
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • Baby sink bath
  • Adorable design
  • Fits most sinks
  • Multiple color options

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This super unique baby bath tub option is our pick for the best baby bath tub for travel. This is the Blooming Bath Lotus baby bath. It has been gaining popularity with its very original design for a while now and is definitely a great choice for many families.

This is another baby sink bath, but this one is actually only designed to work within the sink. It cannot be used as a freestanding baby bath tub. That can be considered a downfall, but there are still a lot of reasons that you will want to consider this great baby bath tub choice – especially if you need a good baby bath tub for travel.

This baby bathtub is extremely compact. It is basically just a large plush flower, so it folds up very easily. When folded up for storage or travel, this baby bath tub choice takes up almost no space at all. This makes it a fantastic option for travel as well as a great choice for anyone that is just limited on space in general.

Wider Pedals:
This latest version of the Blooming Bath Lotus baby bath now has wider pedals. These 4 wide pedals do an amazing job at giving full sink coverage and comfortably and safely cradling your baby within the sink. They overlap nicely to ensure that your baby’s skin doesn’t ever have to touch the hard, cold interior of your sink. Soaking up the water also helps your baby to stay warm even in areas that aren’t submerged in the water of the bath.

Since this is a baby bath tub choice that is only designed for use within the sink, it isn’t good for larger babies and toddlers like most of the options we reviewed. This travel baby bath is only recommended for babies ages 0-6 months.

  • Super soft minky fabric keeps your baby cuddled comfortably in their bath
  • Wide pedals keep your baby off of the hard and cold interior of your sink
  • Entire product can be easily machine-washed and dried
  • Small size and foldability make this an extremely compact baby bath tub option
  • Only designed to work in the sink
  • Only recommended up to 6 months – so not a good choice for older babies and toddlers

If you are looking for a super affordable option of baby bath tub or you need something that will last for years to come, this is not for you. However, if you love the idea of super comfy sink baths, need to save space, or travel a lot – this baby bath option is definitely for you!



Summer Infant Comfort Height – Best Toddler Bath Tub

  • Large, open bath tub
  • Contoured newborn insert
  • Raised platform option
  • Platform doubles as step stool
  • Birth to 2 years
  • Locking tabs between platform and tub

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Another wonderful baby bath tub choice from Summer Infant is the Comfort Height Baby Bath Tub. It is another choice that goes from the newborn stage up to the toddler stage, but we have chosen this specifically as the best toddler bath tub!

The reason we love this baby bath tub choice so much as the best toddler bath tub is because of its wide, deep design. This is one of the largest bathtubs in our guide. The main tub section is nice and open whereas many other options are actually more cluttered due to special contoured designs. Those can be great, but a nice open bath tub is ideal for a busy toddler!

Bath Tub Platform:
What is unique about the best toddler bath tub is the platform that it comes with. This platform adds height underneath the best toddler bath tub to make it easier for you to access and bathe your little one. What else is cool about this is that the platform can also double as a stand-alone step stool perfect for toddlers getting on the potty or washing their hands! This really adds even more value to this baby bath tub choice as the best toddler bath tub!

Of course, being so large won’t be seen as a good thing to everyone. The best toddler bath tub definitely takes up a lot of space, especially when you consider the platform/step stool as well. If you plan on using this from birth, you will also want to consider that the newborn insert is another choice that is made with hard plastic. So, while it holds baby well and contours nicely to tiny babies, you may still want something cozier.

  • Large bath tub provides plenty of open space for busy toddlers to play
  • Raised platform option brings your baby up to a more comfortable height for you to more easily bathe them
  • Platform doubles as a step stool which is very helpful for toddlers
  • Inclined newborn insert helps to keep wiggly newborns safer and more contained within their bath
  • Large design with added platform takes up a lot of storage space – especially compared with other options
  • Hard plastic newborn insert may not be the most comfortable option for bathing a newborn

While it is very bulky, the best toddler bath tub is still a very valuable choice for anyone that isn’t super tight on space. This great baby bath tub choice can be used from birth all the way into the toddler years where it gives your little one plenty of play space. The platform that doubles as a step stool greatly increases the value of this affordable purchase as an added bonus!



Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath – Best Inflatable Baby Bathtub

  • Inflatable baby bath tub design
  • Optional inflatable saddle horn
  • Cute froggy print
  • Super compact when deflated
  • Soft sides and bottom
  • 6-24 months

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Another cool type of baby bath tub is an inflatable baby bathtub. There are a lot of benefits to an inflatable bathtub that are definitely worth checking out! Our choice for the best inflatable baby bathtub is Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath. This is an adorable and very affordable option that we are sure you will love!

This super cute inflatable baby bathtub is covered with an adorable froggy pattern. This is great for both girls and boys and really adds some fun to the tub! The nice part about having an inflatable baby bathtub like this one, though, is that it is inflatable, of course! This makes it so incredibly easy to store and travel with the best inflatable baby bathtub. It also means that the bottom and sides of the tub are cushiony-soft for your baby’s comfort and safety!

Optional Inflatable Saddle Horn:
The best inflatable baby bathtub comes with another cool feature. That is the optional inflatable saddle horn. There is a small saddle horn located on the bottom of the best inflatable baby bath tub. It is placed here to help prevent your baby from slipping down in the best inflatable baby bathtub. However, it is made with a separate air compartment that you fill with a different valve than the main bath tub part. This allows you to choose when you do and don’t want to use it.

One major downfall of the best inflatable baby bathtub is that it really is not appropriate for newborns or very young babies. You don’t really want to use the best inflatable baby bathtub until your baby is able to sit up on their own. Because of this, the recommended age range of the best inflatable baby bathtub is 6 to 24 months.

  • The inflatable design of the best inflatable baby bathtub allows it to deflate and fold up extremely compact for convenient storage and travel
  • Optional inflatable saddle horn can be used to help prevent baby from slipping or can be left deflated to allow more free movement
  • Extremely affordable option
  • Inflatable design is super comfortable and cushiony for your baby
  • Not a good choice for babies that are not able to sit up on their own yet

If your baby can already sit up on their own or if you have another baby bath option planned – like the Blooming Bath Lotus – until they reach that point, this can be a fantastic baby bath tub option from around 6 months on. It is super affordable, takes up almost no space for storage and travel, and is both comfy and cute!



Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather – Best Baby Bath Seat

  • Soft mesh lining
  • Cushioned head rest
  • 3 different recline positions
  • Folds up compact
  • Washable liner
  • Use alone for sponge baths
  • Use in the tub or sink for regular baths

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One more different baby bath option from Summer Infant that we definitely had to include is the Deluxe Baby Bather! This is our pick for the best baby bath seat!

This is actually the first baby bath product that I ever had, and I really love it! It isn’t designed as a freestanding tub, but it can be used on its own for sponge baths – which is one of my favorite features! This is a fantastic choice for those first days and sometimes weeks when you are waiting for your newborn’s umbilical cord stump to finally fall off.

Then, once you are ready to have your baby actually in the water, you can use the best baby bath seat in the sink or the adult tub! It cradles your baby very nicely with soft mesh. The addition of a cushiony head rest really helps add comfort and safety as it prevents your baby’s head from rolling too far to either side.

Folds Up Compact:
This is another baby bath option that folds up super compact! You can very quickly and easily fold up the best baby bath seat for convenient travel and storage.

The downfall with this baby bath option compared to others is the same as our pick for the best travel bath – it is only a viable option until around 6 months of age when your baby can sit up unassisted. You will want to immediately discontinue use of the best baby bath seat once your baby is able to sit up on their own. This will prevent them from falling out or tipping the best baby bath seat over.

  • Soft mesh lining and cushioned head rest cradle your baby comfortably
  • 3 different recline positions keep your baby comfortable even as he or she grows
  • The best baby bath seat folds up super compact for easy storage and travel
  • The best baby bath seat can be used on its own for sponge baths
  • Can be used in the sink or regular tub for normal baths
  • Can only be used up until your baby can sit up on their own

This is a pretty versatile baby bath option on our best baby bath tub list. The fact that it can be used on its own for sponge baths can really make those first days and weeks easier on you and baby! Then you can use it in the sink or regular tub up until baby can sit up. I definitely love the best baby bath seat and have been using it since I had my first baby. I think it is a really worthwhile purchase – especially considering that it is very affordable for any budget.



Angelcare Baby Bath Support – Best Baby Bath Tub for Small Space

  • Can be used in the sink or tub
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Compact size
  • Built-in storage hook
  • Soft mesh material
  • Drain holes for easy rinsing
  • 0-6 months

Check Pricing and Availability

One very popular baby bath option on the market right now is the Angelcare Baby Bath Support! This has earned the title of best baby bath for small space. I have a feeling you will love it as much as everyone else that already owns it!

The reason that this is our favorite for small space is because of its cleverly compact design. It cradles your baby wonderfully while taking up as little space as possible. Then as an added bonus, this choice has a convenient hook. This lets you hang it up anywhere you want for convenient, out-of-the-way storage!

This is another baby bath option that is able to be used in the sink or in the tub. It cradles your baby comfortably while you bathe them. This baby bath option keeps your tiny baby from wriggling into dangerous or uncomfortable positions. It is also super easy to clean, and air dries quickly!

Ergonomically Designed:
The clever modern design of this  is about a lot more than looks or even just saving space. It is specially designed to ergonomically cradle your baby. The soft mesh material holds your baby perfectly for maximum safety and comfort. The fact that it looks super cool is just a fun added bonus!

Of course, similar to the best baby bath seat, the best baby bath tub for small space is only good for babies up until around 6 months once they can sit up on their own. You won’t want to use a support like this one once baby is able to sit up because that can present serious safety issues.

  • Sleek, modern design goes wonderfully with almost any home décor
  • Compact design and storage hook make this the best baby bath tub for small space
  • Soft mesh material cradles your baby comfortably and ergonomically
  • Drain holes allow for easy rinsing and speeds air drying time
  • Only a viable option until around 6 months when your baby can sit up unassisted

This attractive baby bath option is a highly valuable purchase even considering the fact that it can only be used until around 6 months of age. It can still provide lots of benefits and great use up until then. It is super comfortable for your baby and very convenient for you!



Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck – Best Cheap Baby Bath Tub

  • Inflatable baby bath design
  • Padded tub
  • Cute duck design
  • White Hot Safety Disk
  • Folds compact when deflated
  • 6-24 months
  • Textured bottom

Check Pricing and Availability

Since I know exactly what it is like to be a parent on a very tight budget, I made sure to do the research and find the best cheap baby bath tub! This awesome little baby bath tub is by far the most affordable option in our guide! Plus, it is convenient and super cute too!

This is another inflatable baby bath tub option on our best baby bath tub list. This has a lot of the same benefits of the Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath. It is easy to use and super comfortable for your baby thanks to the cushiony inflated sides and bottom of the tub. The best cheap baby bath tub is also, of course, super easy store and travel with when deflated.

White Hot Safety Disk:
Possibly the best feature on the best cheap baby bath tub is the White Hot Safety Disk! At the bottom of the best cheap baby bath tub, there is a small disk. This will alert you if the bath water you are putting into the best cheap baby bath tub is too hot for your baby. If the water is a safe temperature, the disk will remain a small blue heart. Then, if the water touching it is too hot, the disk turns a bright white that says, “HOT” to warn you that the water is not a safe temperature for your baby.

What I really adore about the best cheap baby bath tub is the super adorable design! This baby bath tub is shaped like a big rubber ducky! This adds so much fun and whimsy to such a simple and affordable baby bath tub option.

Of course, with a very similar design to the other inflatable baby bath tub we mentioned, the best cheap baby bath tub will only work once your baby can sit up well – usually around 6 months. So, this is a great option for 6-24 months but won’t work for you until that point.

  • Inflatable design is easy to use and folds very compact for storage and travel
  • Textured bottom helps prevent baby from slipping around in the best cheap baby bath tub
  • White Hot Safety Disk will alert you if the water is too hot for your baby
  • Padded tub is super comfy and safe for your baby
  • Cute duck design adds a ton of fun to the best cheap baby bath tub
  • Not a viable baby bath option for babies that are not yet able to sit up on their own

If you are on a tight budget, this is a great baby bath tub option for you! It is extremely affordable. Almost anyone could purchase this baby bath tub without any issues at all. Of course, even if you aren’t on a tight budget, this is still a fun and useful baby bath tub that is definitely worth your consideration!

Baby Bath Tubs FAQ

What are baby bath tubs?

A baby bath tub is simply a small plastic tub that you use to bathe your baby. They are more convenient than having to bend over a large tub with a tiny baby. They allow you and your baby to be more comfortable during bath time as well and are generally safer than using the full-size bath tub for your baby’s bath.

Are baby bath tubs necessary?

You don’t have to have a baby bath tub, but they really do add a lot of convenience and comfort to your baby’s bath for both you and your baby. They are much easier to use and are generally very affordable. This makes them a very worthwhile baby product to have.

Are baby bath seats safe?

As with most baby products, baby bath seats and baby bath tubs are completely safe as long as you use them properly. You should always follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer of the baby bath seat or baby bath tub. It is also absolutely vital to provide constant close supervision during the use of these products.

Does baby need bath everyday?

No, babies do not need daily baths. Honestly, little babies just don’t get all that dirty. Bathing your baby too often can dry out and even damage their skin. It strips their skin of healthy natural oils and prevents it from having the chance to replenish those natural oils that help keep the skin healthy. It can also actually have a negative impact on their immune system if you are bathing them too often.

How often to bathe a baby?

Bathing your baby 2-3 times a week is usually plenty for newborns and younger babies. As your baby grows and begins playing in the dirt and sweating more, you may need to increase that number. Generally, though, as long as you clean your baby’s face, neck, hands, and diaper area on a daily basis, you won’t need to bathe them daily.

What temperature for baby’s bath?

You want to be very careful with the temperature of your baby’s bath water. The perfect baby bath temperature is right around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just warm enough to feel warm to your baby, but nowhere near hot enough to burn them or cause them discomfort.

Babies love to play during bath time. Read our Best Baby Bath Toys for Newborns & Infants and choose awesome bath toys for your baby.

Final Words

Giving your baby a bath is something that you will do on a very regular basis. So, it is definitely worth your while to find the best baby bath tub for your family! It really makes it so much easier and more comfortable to bathe your baby.

Most importantly, though, when it comes to bath time is to remember to always stay with your baby and follow baby bath safety guidelines no matter where you bathe them at! Bath time is a wonderful time to enjoy and bond with your baby – as long as it’s done safely!


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