The 9 Best Nursing Bras You’ll Love to Wear

Breasts start to change as soon as you’re pregnant. Pregnancy hormones send your breasts for a change, and then the baby arrives.

Suddenly, your breasts feel like footballs and they’re MASSIVE. You need support and fast, and the best nursing bras are an important investment for all breastfeeding mothers.

Most mothers start off breastfeeding. It’s recommended that you nurse for at least the first six months, and the World Health Organization suggests that mothers breastfeed for the first two years or longer! So, you’re going to need the right bra to get you through these months and years!

Flopping your breast out over the top of a normal bra isn’t fun. Half the time, it isn’t even a practical idea and is uncomfortable. Milk-filled breasts are much heavier than normal breasts, so your bra has to be able to hold them up! Lack of support can cause back pain.

So, let’s dive into what makes the best nursing bra and how to pick one! Plus, we will give you our top recommendations based on what breastfeeding moms say!

Brand Type of Bra Price
Leading Lady Wireless Cotton Wireless $
Hofish Seamless Nursing Bras Seamless $
Rumina Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra Pumping Bra – Crossover Style $$
Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Seamless $$$
Cake Lingerie Seamless Cotton Candy Bra Seamless $$$
Anita Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra Underwire $$$
Hot Milk Women’s Show-Off Nursing Bra Wireless $$$
Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra Pumping Bra $$
Kindred Bravely French Terry Nursing and Sleep Bra Crossover Style $$

Do You Need Nursing Bras?

Did you know that your rib cage expands during pregnancy? It usually expands 1 to 2 whole sizes to accommodate that growing baby. A woman’s body is amazing!

After the birth of your baby, your breasts will make produce colostrum, and within a few days, your milk arrives. When that happens, you go from normal breasts to Dolly Parton overnight. Your spouse may be happy, but you won’t be.

Engorgement isn’t comfortable. You will need to nurse your baby all the time to reduce the pressure. If you’ve never needed support before, you might be surprised to realize – your breasts are suddenly SO HEAVY! It feels like you have sacks of sugar on your chests.

You need support to hold these things up! Also, a nursing bra helps to hold nursing pads in place. Without nursing pads, you’ll soak your shirt and everything nearby. You don’t want milk dribbling down your stomach – not cool at all.

Breast size can change throughout the day. In the morning, your breasts will be fuller and emptier by evening. That’s very normal, so you need a bra that can help you through all stages.

A few weeks after birth, your rib cage goes back down to normal, and your milk supply starts to regulate. You will typically experience filled breasts, but they won’t feel engorged. Chances are you’ll be breastfeeding for several more months or years, so a nursing bra comes in handy.

Once you’re finished breastfeeding, let’s be honest. Your breasts will never be as perky as they once were. Darn. It’s the cost of birthing babies!

The Fit of a Nursing Bra

As with any bra, a nursing bra needs to fit right. It’s so important, and it could alter the course of your nursing relationship.

A poorly-fitting nursing bra can put pressure on your milk ducts, and that’s never a good thing. Too much pressure can lead to inflammation and clogged milk ducts. That’s as painful as it sounds. Actually, clogged milk ducts can lead to mastitis, which is an infection in your breast, which can require antibiotics to treat. Not fun, seriously.

No mother wants to go shopping right after giving birth. That sounds like torture. Instead, it’s recommended that you grab a few bras before you give birth. Don’t buy a bunch – two or three are fine. These will fit your pregnancy rib cage.

A few weeks after birth, once your breasts aren’t going crazy, go to the store and buy three or more bras that fit your current nursing breast size. Postpartum bodies are different!

How Many Nursing Bras Do You Need?

Let’s be real here moms, your nursing bras get dirtier than normal bras. You will get milk all over your bras. There is no avoiding this. Nursing pads help, but you’ll leak. The pads might shift. It’s a reality for mothers.

You’re going to wear these bras around the clock, even if you wear sleeping bras. So, you’ll sweat more. Basically, your bras will start to smell nasty, like spoiled milk, so they have to be washed more.

So, the saying is to always have three: one to wear, one in the laundry, and one in your drawer. However, with nursing bras, you should have at least one or two more!

NOTE: If you want your bras to last longer, always wash them on a cold, gentle cycle and hang them to dry.

How to Measure Yourself for a Nursing Bra

If you can’t get someplace to be professionally fitted, you can do it yourself at home. Leaving the house after having a new baby to go find bras isn’t something every mom feels like doing. So, here are the steps to give it a whirl at home.

Determine Your Band Size

First, take a measuring tape and wrap it around your back, under your armpits and up above your breasts. Always round up to the nearest whole number when measuring. Use this measurement to determine if you’re a 34, 36, 38, 40, etc.

Determine Your Cup Size

Next, measure yourself around your back then over the center of your breasts. It has to be the fullest part of your breast. Then, subtract the band size circumference from the mid-breast circumference to determine your cup size.

For example, if your band size is 40 and you have a 43-inch mid-breast circumference, you have 3 inches worth of cup size. Each inch is a bra cup size – A, B, C, etc.

If the Difference is: Your Cup Size is:
½ to 1″ A
2″ B
3″ C
4″ D
5″ DD/E
6″ DDD/F
7″ G
8″ H
9″ I
10″ J
11″ K
12″ L

Still confused? Bravado has a bra size calculator if you do the measurements!

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Top Rated Nursing Bras Reviews


Leading Lady Wireless Cotton

Leading Lady Nursing Bra You get two bras for the price of one, and they have fantastic ratings. Who needs specialty bras that cost a leg for each one? Not you!

These bras are made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex for the perfect amount of support and comfort. The straps are fully adjustable and feature drop-down cups that have double layered fabric. Four hooks across the back closure gives adjustability for before and after nursing.

Why are Leading Lady Bras awesome?

  • They’re wireless
  • Feature a full-inner sling that’s supportive.
  • Quick, one-hand nursing clasp
  • Comes in sizes B-DDD and 34-44
  • Available in several sizes

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Wide back for comfort and support
  • Easy to unclasp for nursing
  • Material is super-soft
  • Lacks structure and shape
  • May fit a bit bigger than expected



Hofish Seamless Nursing Bras

HOFISH Full Bust Maternity Bras If you want a seamless nursing bra with support and good lines for wearing under clothes, the Hofish bras receive thousands of great ratings by mothers. These bras are known for their comfort, support, durability, and ease of use. It uses a pull-down flap for babies to nurse, and you only need one hand to do so!

Moms love the fabric because it puts elastic in the right places for comfort and support, plus its very soft. The bottom band and vertical center of the area are stretchy and hold your breasts in the right position. Adjustable shoulder straps also provide the necessary support. Hofish also includes clips that keep the straps out of the way if you’re wearing a racerback shirt. Plus, using the clips seems to add even more support.

Moms love the Hofish for even more reasons, like:

  • There is an clasp extended so you can get more use out of the bra when your sizes are changing. So, it’s good for pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Includes washable nursing pads that fit into the pockets built into the cups.
  • Comes in a 3-pack with the cups, clasp extensions, shoulder strap clips, and bras. Not bad!
  • Available in three colors
  • Made with 92% nylon and 8% spandex.
  • Comes in sizes S to XXL

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Easy to use
  • Durable and long-lasting bras
  • Affordable – comes in a pack of three!
  • Perfect support for nursing!
  • Nursing pads aren’t too soft
  • Some find the bottom elastic uncomfortable for extended wearing



Rumina Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra

Rumina Essential Relaxed Nursing Bra Pumping discreetly is hard. If you have to go to work, you want to double pump at the same time, and that’s hard to do if you’re also working. You can wear the Rumina bra all day because it’s awesome for pumping AND nursing.

These bras are 90% cotton and 10% spandex, so you get comfort and support together. Rumina offers the only patented, no-hole, hands-free pumping design. It has folding layers for suction and support. You can easily pump and nurse with this bra, which is awesome! Most of the time, you have to pick one or the other.

Why do we love the Rumina Bra?

  • It’s wireless but offers excellent support for fluctuating sizes.
  • Easy to pull down for nursing or skin to skin
  • Helps to maintain good suction power while nursing
  • Works with all pumps!
  • You can nurse and pump at the same time – so awesome!
  • Available in sizes XS to XL
  • Comes in four color options.

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Super comfortable bra
  • Versatile
  • Fits as expected
  • Easily worn under clothes
  • Lightweight fabric
  • It’s not recommended for DD+ sizes!
  • Straps aren’t adjustable



Bravado! Body Silk Seamless

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Bravado is one of the highest rated nursing bra company ever. The Body Silk is, hands-down, one of our favorite picks. You might forget that you’re even wearing a bra because it’s so darn comfortable and soft. The removable molded foam cups hide your nipples and nursing pads, which sometimes can cause noticeable lumps. Not with this bra!

Bravado added a full drop away bra cup for maximum skin-to-skin contact. The 4-way stretch fabric hugs your changing shape. This bra received the Mom’s Choice Award for its luxurious fabric and seamless comfort during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We love the Bravado! Body Silk for several other reasons, such as:

  • They’re durable and last forever!
  • 8 colors available
  • Comes in sizes S-XXL

Check Pricing and Availability

  • The material is very soft and comfortable
  • Measurements are accurate
  • Removable pads are awesome and catch leaks
  • Lacks support for larger breasted women
  • Breasts might fall out the sides



Cake Lingerie Seamless Cotton Candy Bra

Cake Maternity Seamless Maternity Nursing Bra Sometimes, we want to make investments in our bras, and Cake Lingerie is a higher end bra. They are designed with comfort and support in mind. Cake Lingerie received the Parent Tested Parent Approved and Mom’s Choice Award in 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2018 – WOW!

It features a low T-back and double-layered side slings. It’s one of the most support nursing bras on the market. This premium nursing bra doesn’t use underwire, so you don’t have to worry that it’ll compress your ribcage. The elastic fabric gives your breasts support yet comfort. The seamless bra is perfect for pregnancy and a must-have to take to the hospital!

Why else do we love the Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy Bra?

  • It’s wireless!
  • One-handed clasp for easy nursing
  • Elastic fits fluctuating breast sizes.
  • Adjustable straps are ideal for light activities, even yoga!
  • Comes in sizes S-XL
  • 8 color options available

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Made with unique fabric for comfort
  • You can sleep in the bra
  • Uses Oeko-Tex Standard materials that are free of harmful substances
  • Super supportive
  • Perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Runs larger than expected
  • Provides no shape
  • Fabric might be too stretchy and thin.



Anita Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra

Anita Maternity Underwire Nursing Bra Larger busted and plus-sized women tend to have trouble finding a good nursing bra that’s comfortable. Anita makes sizes going up to 44 I. So if you’re looking for a supported, wired bra for your larger bust, give these ones a try!

These bras are made with 80% nylon and 20% elastane. This blend is a modern, high-tech blend of polyester fibers that are densely woven together. It creates a lightweight, smooth, and breathable bra that’s comfortable to wear for hours.

We love the Anita Underwire Bra for other reasons, such as:

  • Comes in sizes C-I and 32-44
  • Four colors available!

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Clasps are strong and easy to use one-handed
  • Wide straps for comfort
  • Supportive
  • Full cups to contain everything
  • Some moms say the material is too thin.
  • Fits as expected in your follow the chart.
  • No padding in cup



Hot Milk Women’s Show-Off Nursing Bra

Hot Milk Show-Off Nursing Maternity Bra Plus sized and large-breasted moms can have cute, nursing bras too! Hot Milk is an option for moms who want to feel nice about their bra, but it needs to be functional and supportive. Best of all, this bra provides support WITHOUT underwire!

The bra is made with 92% nylon and 8% elastane. If you want something that looks nice, the bra has lace and microfiber shell that gives you a bit of style along with the maximum support necessary.

Other reasons we love the Hot Milk Show-Off include:

  • Has six rows of hooks & eyes for the perfect fit
  • 100% cotton lining for comfort
  • Available matching bikini
  • Comes in sizes D-H and 32-38
  • Two color options available

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Supportive
  • Adjustable back works for pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Adorable design
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Weird seam across the nipple area
  • Cup size seems to run a bit small



Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra Simple Wishes makes one of the best-rated pumping bras. No one wants to hold a breast pump in place for 20 or more minutes. You’d rather be working, checking emails, or reading social media. Anything is better than just holding a pump!

We love that the Simple Wishes Pumping Bra lets you keep your pump in place hands-free! It’s compatible with most major breast pump brands. Then, it converts to a racerback, tank, halter, or strapless style bra. Unlike other bras, four overlapping layers of fabric keep the pump in place and help maintain a tight seal for bottles.

A few other reasons we love Simple Wishes include:

  • It’s made with 83% cotton and 17% spandex for the perfect blend of comfort and support.
  • Offered in sizes XS-L
  • Comes with a 10” adjustable Velcro back panel to make sure you have the perfect fit as your body changes.
  • Works with Medela, Philips Avent, Lansinoh, Bellema, Evenflo, and Spectra Baby.
  • The bra slips on easily with or without a nursing bra.
  • Elastic reinforcement built into the top of the bra for a secure fit.

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes
  • Works with most brands of pumps.
  • Keeps a great suction on the pump
  • Not a stand alone bra
  • The fabric is a bit too thick



Kindred Bravely French Terry Nursing and Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra You want at least one or two sleeping bras. Unlike other sleep bras, the Kindred is inexpensive, soft, and has a simple design. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, but you get the support and comfort you need throughout the night.

It’s easy to pull the sides over for middle of the night feedings, yet it has enough stretch and security to keep nursing pads in place. Your breasts won’t pop out either! Moms love that the ultra-soft french terry. You never have to worry about clasps or hooks getting in the way.

You can wear the bra during pregnancy because it offers gentle support. Then, you’ll wear it throughout breastfeeding during nighttime and when you’re relaxing at home. They’re perfect for fluctuating breast sizes or post and pre-natal yoga!

Other great features include:

  • Uses a racerback style of straps with a wide band for extra support.
  • Available in 28B to 42G
  • Made from soft 92% bamboo rayon and 8% spandex

Check Pricing and Availability

  • Super comfortable – you can wear them all day!
  • Provides plenty of support for busty moms.
  • High-quality, soft material used
  • Very supportive for a sleeping bra
  • Straps hug your neck
  • Shows undershirts easily because the straps set so high up.
  • Thin, so nipples may show

Types of Nursing Bras

Just like regular bras, nursing bras come in various styles. Your choice is up to your personal preference. You will see multiple options on this list, such as:


Seamless bras are the most popular type for nursing moms. Most are made of synthetic material that stretches to accommodate your breast size fluctuation. Seamless bras offer plenty of support and more support than sleeping bras. However, they don’t have as much support as an underwire or wireless bra.


Underwire nursing bras are just like regular underwire bras but the have clasps where the cup meets the bra strap. Most offer more hook and eye points of attachment. These bras should have curved wires that point gently towards your armpit.

Ideally, you want an underwire bra that uses flexible wire because your breast size will fluctuate throughout the days and weeks ahead. Most mothers don’t pick underwire nursing bras until their milk supplies are regulated and their babies are nursing more, typically after six months of age.

It’s a good idea to get fitted if you want an underwire bra. These types are more likely to cause clogged ducts, especially if you get one that’s too tight for you. Also, invest wisely in these bras. Cheap wire can break or cause discomfort.


These bras get their support through the fabric, shaping, and seams. Most are sized by band and cup size, just like underwire bras. They give you lift and padding that moms want – it’s okay to want to feel good about your breasts! – without worrying about clogged ducts. These will also have clasps at the straps to flip down for nursing and extra hook and eye closures.

Crossover Style

Crossover styles are often used for sleeping or working out. They are simple, hardware-free bras, perfect for lounging around the house. Fabrics range from synthetics to cotton, making them super comfortable! The main purpose of crossover style bras is to give you support throughout the night and hold in nursing pads so you don’t leak all over your bed.

You can also wear them throughout the day. Why wear a regular bra when you’re Netflix binge-watching all day long? We won’t judge! Crossover bras are pulled over your head and sized S to XL+.

Pumping Bras

We know that many moms have to go back to work after having their babies and they need a bra that can help with pumping. If you’re working and double pumping, a pumping bra holds the flanges and bottles in place so you can be hands-free. If you work in an office, you can easily pump and still work. You can also pump faster when pumping both breasts at the same time.

One difference with pumping bras is that they often have to go over the top of your nursing bra. Most are just meant for the times when you’re pumping. They do tend to be tighter because they have to provide the pressure to create the proper suction for your pump.

How to Pick the Best Nursing Bras

Now, you have to pick the best nursing bra for you. We are breastfeeding moms ourselves, so we know what features matter the most! Here are the criteria used to pick


Having support is non-negotiable for nursing moms. Milk-filled breasts are HEAVY! Support will vary based on the type of bra you pick. Sleep bras aren’t as supportive as underwire or wireless bras. You should look at the width of the straps, especially if you have larger than a DD cup size. Straps that are wider than an inch distribute the weight of your breasts easier and reduce the straps digging into your shoulders painfully. Fuller back coverage, wider bands, and racerbacks are also ways that provide support because they help to take more weight off your shoulders.

Comfort and Fit

You’ll be wearing a nursing bra for many hours a day, so it HAS to be comfortable. You want a bra you can spend all day in. Check out the fabric blend. Cotton is the most breathable option. It also should be slightly stretchy.

The right fit also makes your bra more comfortable. No one likes sideboob, after all, you know what we mean! The cup should cover your entire breast. A poorly-fitting bra might compress the area near your armpit, which is where milk ducts are located. If the bands are too tight against this area, you might experience clogged ducts, and those are never fun.

Expanding and Adjustability

From pregnancy to breastfeeding, your body undergoes a lot of changes. Postpartum is hard on your body. You want a bra that has multiple columns of hook and eye closures that adjust to your ever-changing size. Plus, adjustability helps when your breasts change sizes throughout the day.

Soft, Breathable Fabric

Who wants an itchy, scratchy, or stuffy bra in warm weather? Not you or any nursing mom for that matter. You have enough liquid in that area, you don’t need to create a swampy bra with sweat. Gross.

Nursing bras made of mostly cotton or other cellulose fabric, such as viscose, rayon, and tencel, or synthetic materials, such as nylon, spandex, and polyester. Many have a blend of these fabrics. Most people won’t notice a difference with these bras in terms of dealing with leaks. The difference is how they feel against your skin, the comfort, and how much support it provides.

Cellulose fabrics feel the best against your skin. Some synthetic fabrics feel rough to the touch. At the same time, spandex, a type of polyester often called Lycra and elastane, helps bras to retain their shape and gives extra support.


So, your nipples might be more obvious now than before, and padding helps keep them concealed a bit. Padding helps to absorb any milk leakage which is bound to happen!

Style of Bra

Aside from the above types of bras, you have to decide if you have a clip down nursing bra or a pull down style. A clip down bra has clasp at the top of the cups that let you flip down the bra, giving access to nurse and skin-to-skin contact. Pull down styles are wrap-like styles that you pull over your head with no closures. The fabric is stretchy, so you can pull it out of the way for feedings. That style is great for nighttime nursing.

Ease of Use

Can you easily unclasp and clasp the bra one-handed? Do the cups stay out of the baby’s way? Straps should stay in place as well! Any good nursing bra should be easy to use and provide easy access for nursing.

Good Coverage

Did you know that your nipples typically become darker and larger when nursing? It’s one of those lesser known secrets of breastfeeding. Supposedly, it makes it easier for the baby to see the nipple.

Either way, you want your bra to be able to cover everything. Thicker cups conceal nipples well – most often found in wireless and underwire bras. Seamless and crossover style bras are thin and aren’t the best for coverage.

Also, You can read more about Breastfeeding Supplies in our full review.


What’s the Best Nursing Bra?

You’ll want to have more than one style of nursing bras, just like you would for regular bras. That gives you the chance to see what style and brand work for your breasts and body. Nursing bras are important and play a factor in how successfully you breastfeed, so take the time and money to invest in a few goods ones. Your body will thank you.

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